Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SIN YOU SINNERS - "Killer Mobsters Meet Murderous Strippers" (Sure, If You Say So!) (1963)

"Sin You Sinners!" Yeah! Just Do It!! Welcome to the Wednesday The 13th special feature!!

Made To Shock You!.....The Most Daring Movie Of It's Kind? That's because it's the only movie of it's kind!

"Sin You Sinners" is a 1963 sleazefest about a beautiful stripper named Bobbi played by June Colbourne in her only role ever, just like most of the rest of the cast!

Nice tranquil domestic scene, right up there with "Leave It To Beaver!" Daughter, Mother, and Mother's Lover!!!

Bobbi's daughter Julie as played by Dian Lloyd, is just another confused young lady getting hit on by the guys at the local malt shop!

I forgot who the Hell this is, but I didn't forget how smoking hot she was with those antennae eyebrows and those pearls!

Bobbi has an amulet that keeps her young and beautiful, two things you need if you're going to be a stripper!

Julie is a freakin' space case!

Julie and Bobbi both think that Dave is the cat's pajamas, aka the coolest guy in the world! Dave is played by Derek (The Kentucky Fried Movie) Murcott!

This movie reflects a common sentiment familiar to modern society, "Men Are Stupid, Women Are Crazy!"

Bobbi has got some serious star-power down at the strip club! Wow, how about that M.C. Escher lookin' wallpaper!

After quite the power struggle, Julie ends up with the amulet! If I ever open the restaurant I've always wanted, I think I'll have Amulet Omelettes on the menu in honour of this movie, maybe even put some Pepsi in them! They must have spent a small fortune on that 'TELE PHONE BOOTH" sign!

So, no more timid and tepid Julie, from here on out, it's gritty, greasy and grimy!

The amulet is quite the power hound! There's no turning back for Julie now, she's in it for the long haul!

Mom basically burns in Hell, and Julie could care less, cause she's got all the guys under her spell now! If you just can't help yourself, and you really need to see this movie, your best chance is to find it streaming over at Creepster TV!


Randall Landers said...

Thanks for the referral to Creepster! Just subscribed, and have a lot of catching up to do!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You know R.L., for $4.95 a month, you just can't go wrong, and they've got a pretty good assortment of stuff too! My only complaint about Creepster is that I wish the resolution was better, but with some of those old films, we're lucky to be able to see them at all!

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