Friday, June 22, 2012

MIGHTY JOE YOUNG In Color / Argosy Pictures - 1949

It's Friday Night wif' Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our special feature is a colorized version of the last giant ape flick from the producers of KING KONG and SON OF KONG. Stop-motion animators Ray Harryhausen and Pete Peterson both worked on this production, Pete went on to be the special effects designer and creator of the creature in THE GIANT BEHEMOTH, and, we all know what Ray went on to do.

Eegah!! gave us a soundclip to listen to, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over there, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some sounds from... MIGHTY JOE YOUNG In Color!

Here's an awesome look at Tanzania, Africa, home of our hero, Mr. Joseph Young...

Some cowboys show up from an expedition there capturing wild animals to take back to America, and, Joe just don't take that kindly to them!

Hollywood promoter Max O'Hara offers to make Joe and his owner famous by taking them to star in an African-themed club show. Robert Armstrong plays O'Hara and Terry Moore plays Joe's owner, Jill Young. Robert played Carl Denham in both Kong movies, Fay Wray's bro in THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME for RKO and was part of the "Warner Brothers Stock Company."

Jill half-heartedly takes Max up on his offer, so, it's off to America they go...

The club interior is insane, twirling costumed natives, lions behind glass in the bar and lots of well-to-do lushes doing what they do best, being obnoxious twits!

Joe and Jill's performances are spectacular to say the least, Jill plays the piano as Joe lifts her stage over his head!

The muscle men show the audience their feats of strength!

Joe wins the tug-o-war contest against the strongman crew.

A cute twist on the old organ grinder routine!

And, speaking of obnoxious twits, here are Douglas (CATWOMEN OF THE MOON) Fowley, Nestor (THE MOLE PEOPLE) Paiva and Paul (SPACE PATROL) Guilfoyle playing three royal jack-asses! Here they are harrassing the cigarette girl, what else.

Nestor and his pals get Joe drunk after the show, so, Joe goes wild and destroys the place, allowing all the wild animals to escape! Oh boy, what a mess...

The authorities are threatening to lock Joe up for good so Max, Jill and Gregg, played by Ben Johnson, pack up Joe in a van and make for the port where a boat is there waiting to help them escape and get back to Africa.

But, on the way there, Joe helps rescue some children from a fire, proving that he is nothing but a super hero!!

Everything turns out fine, the gang all make it back to the place they belong and Joe is a happy camper once again!

A special signature ending from the big guy!


Eegah!! said...

One of those strongmen was the 6'6" World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Primo Carnera whose record was 103 fights with 14 losses, and 72 wins by knockout!!

Christopher said...

of course everyone knows Terry Moore posed nude for Playboy in 1984 looking great.

Randy Wilharm said...

Funny how the strongmen of yesterday
look nothing like the steroid monsters of today.

Douglas McEwan said...

They forgot to colorise the home movie at the end!

In 1995 I wsa at a symposium for Ray HArryhausen. They had some surprises liend up for Ray as he lectured on is films and displayed clips and his actual animation models. The brought out the actual Mighty Joe Young surviving animation model armature and they sprang Terry Moore on him. So I was present when Terry Moore was reunited with Joe Young himself!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Another great story, thanx Doug........the B&W home movie might have been intentional, since if I recall correctly, most home movies back then were in black and white, but then what do I know, I just deleted 2000 photos!

Douglas McEwan said...

Actually, I have family 8mm home movies that date back as far as 1941, and every frame is in color.

That said, I am sure it was intentional on the colorizers part. I was making what I like to call a "joke".

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Oh, a wiseguy, eh? Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!

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