Saturday, June 23, 2012

LL PLENILUNIO DELLE VERGINI - "The Devil's Wedding Night" Hosted by Elvira!

I'd never seen "Devil's Wedding Night" before (Imagine that), so after adding the poster to the last rendition of our splash header, I was really looking forward to it, but honestly, this film is so bad, I had actually decided not to do it until I remembered it was an Elvira hosted flick, and then suddenly it all seemed worthwhile!

I'd have to say that after Zacherley, Elvira is my favourite horror host of all time, and and if you don't dig Elvira, then you must really be some kind of freak!! Here's just a little taste of why........

Mark (THERE IS NO 13) Damon does double duty as two brothers! That's always a money saver!

Here's a little clue as to why "Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini" or as it would read in a literal translation "The Full Moon Of The Virgins," doesn't really make that much sense!

Rosalba (LADY FRANKENSTEIN) Neri as La Contessa Dolingen de Vries faces off with Mark Damon!

These two faces are almost a perfect puzzle match!

There's plenty of steamin' sex going on, but not a whole lot of much else! Definitely not a film for the kiddies!

It's hard to conceive of, but Cassandra Petersen as Elvira is even better looking without the makeup! Here she ponders why this film was even made!

I really do like this shot! My biggest gripe is I'd like to know who the brainbat was that came up with the horribly misleading title of "The Devil's Wedding Night!" This is not a movie about Satan or The Devil, it's a movie about vampires!!

Is this not the weirdest transition shot you've ever seen? Eye in the nose? Blame Cinematographer Joe D'Amato I guess!!

You don't want to forget about these guys, or the International Black Hood Society is going to be banging at the door demanding equal time!

When I watched this, I was just as perplexed as Elvira as to what was going on, then at some point you just give up even caring!

It's no wonder that the Mr. Potato Head vampire's last name is Papas, the same as the Spanish word for potatoes!

"Those cuts were fast as lightning, everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!" Hi..Yaahhh!

In this shot, it really looks like Elvira is going to completely open up her top, but she doesn't! Elvira has very rarely ever appeared unclothed!!

This big ring is what all the excitement's about, but if you really want excitement, watch any of the other 1400 plus films we've written about instead!

Then in one of the worst green screen scenes ever, La Contessa Dolingen turns into a giant bat!!

Meanwhile, Elvira shows off her vast array of talent, after another character, known as her Auntie Virus is introduced into the scene!

Enza Sbordone as Tanya the Innkeeper's Daughter gets in the last word! Must have been a pretty embarrassing experience, because it seems like nobody except Mark Damon and Esmeralda Barros were working under their real names on this movie, Enza was credited as Francesca Romana Davila, Rosalba Neri was credited as Sara Bay, and the Innkeeper Carlo Gentili was credited as Mort Baxter!

Elvira is really the only reason to get this movie from Netflix, but one reason is one better than none at all!!


Rogério Guerreiro said...

??? The images are not showing up! In their place is showing a symbol: an exclamation point inside a triangle.

Alex Jowski said...

I've only seen the original Italian version of this film with subtitles (and uncut) which really isn't too bad. I'm interested in seeing the Elvira one now.

Realm Of Retro said...

jesus christ elvira try to cover up a little bit

Douglas McEwan said...

Elvira is delightful, Cassandra Peterson in person is a charmer, and yes, she looks a lot better with her own real Strawberry blond hair, plus horror hosts are a personal taste, but I'm sorry, Sinister Seymour, "The Master of the Macabre, the Epitome of Evil, the Most Sinister Man to Crawl Across the Face of the Earth," played by the late Larry Vincent was the greatest and funniest horror host ever. And I'd say that even if I didn't use to write his TV show. Because I knew that before I ever met him.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

D McE,
Alas we didn't live in L.A. during that time period!

Spencer Gill said...

The film does sound like a delirious batch of Eurotrash nonsense. I might enjoy it but that sort of thing really screams for an uncut, all the naughty bits included, copy. I too enjoy Elvira for most of the same reasons and her show was pretty decent for an attempt at a Horror Host revival.

Being obsessive-compulsive is a characteristic of most fans so I hope you'll forgive me for pointing out that the bat shot is a front projection composite and not a greenscreen. Greenscreen became common in the digital age (starting pretty much in 1990) prior to which we had bluescreen, density mattes, front projection, back projection, and occasionally sodium vapor shots (in the UK and at Disney) for composites.

Spencer Gill (

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Gee, and I thought everybody just looked at the pictures! Real fact corrections are always appreciated! Thanx!

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