Monday, June 4, 2012

CALTIKI The Immortal Monster / Climax Pictures - 1959

Wow, here's a crazy little flick that Eegah!! and I saw back in 1960 at our favorite fun place, the Sierra Theater. We loved it because it had a freakin' blob, the weirdest of all movie monsters! The original director, Riccardo Freda, later claimed that he abandoned the project so that Mario Bava would have a chance to direct because he knew Mario could be a good director and he wanted him to have the chance.

Eegah!! has given us a very cool soundclip from this classic creepfest, so, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the purple ejection seat, NOW, Ralphie the Tarantula! Here's some of... CALTIKI The Immortal Monster!

This lucky guy actually got to meet Caltiki! Now, here's a real story of how monster movies could influence kids in 1960... One night when Eegah!! and I were visiting my cousin in the country, we went out to the Mad Trailer and mixed up a batch of 'Caltiki' to put on door knobs, car door handles and to scare kids with! Then, here's a great story from our pal, TedMo... One night, him and a friend stuffed a shirt and pants to look like a person and dropped it out of an overhanging tree onto a car that was whizzing down the street. The pissed-off guy threatened to kill them!!

Seriously, this native dance scene at the beginning has got to be one of the hottest pre-nude routines in film history!.. Her dress is ripped because a bunch of the guys were pulling at it, ejole!!

When the greedy explorers go treasure hunting in this pool in a sacred cave, it brings the terrifying creature out of it's slumber!

The look on the doctor's face really captures the sheer horror as the thing grabs and starts absorbing Max's arm! Is that a dent in the doc's forehead?

The flick's all about Max, it just wouldn't be the same without him! The weird looking Gérard Herter plays the demented pervert, this was his second of 34 acting credits.

Max escapes from the hospital after killing his nurse, then, tries to elude authorities as he makes his way across the countryside. He has basically turned into an animal, the photo of him drinking water is always a disturbing sight!

The lab is nearly destroyed when one of the things starts growing and breaks out of it's tank!

A cosmic connection is finally made linking the comet present in the night sky to the ancient growing mass of doom.

Max somehow makes it to the doc's house, and, he's in love with the the doc's wife so he harasses her in her nightie! The second photo shows Max shooting his loyal girlfriend, Linda, point blank, in cold blood!! Max is a disgusting excuse for a person, you can hear the rat shoot her in the soundclip, and, after she brought him a sandwich!!

In the meantime, the sample of the monster the doctor brought to his home to study has broken out of the lab and is dividing and growing like crazy!

A very satisfying moment is when Max gets what's coming to him yet again!

The Army finally shows up with their tanks and flame throwers to put an end to the terror what once was... CALTIKI, The Immortal Monster!!

A typical Italian horror card, emphasis on sex!.. Is that a dent in the doc's forehead?

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