Friday, June 15, 2012

UP IN SMOKE / Allied Artists Pictures - 1957

It's Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon. Our feature is the forty-seventh of forty-eight Bowery Boys movies, Leo Gorcey left the series after the death of his father, Leo's last film was CRASHING LAS VEGAS in 1956. Stanley Clements replaces Leo's character with his Stanislaus 'Duke' Coveleskie persona. The Bowery Boys would make one more film, IN THE MONEY, released in 1958...

It's kinda funny to hear "The Gang's All Here!" in the theme song when the gang ain't all there! Anywho, here's the soundclip Eegah!! gave us, soooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over there by the atomic-powered catapult, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some audio from... UP IN SMOKE!

Here's Sach stretching the bacon at Clancy's Diner, the gang's official hangout.

After losing $90 the gang had saved for a trip to the hot springs for a neighborhhood kid with polio to some crooked bookies, well, Sach would do just about anything to get that money back.

The devil, Mr. Bobb, pops in to offer Sach a way to get the money back and more! You can hear the reference to 'falsies' in the soundclip, it makes more sense when you realize that he's talking about his devil horns! The familiar looking Byron Foulger plays the foul one, Byron ended up with a total of 466 acting credits!.. Amazing!!

James Flavin plays the copper interested in buying the 'cheep' classic piece of junk. He goes into the diner to talk turkey with the guys when Sach comes along and drives the thing away because he's decided to sell it at a car lot to get some money. And, that's how comedy woiks!..

See, no jalopy, just thin air... Funny, right?.. But, where did it GO, George? My favorite comedy writer is Michael Maltese.

Earle Hodgins plays Friendly Frank, who almost destroys the heap o' junk just proving to Sach what a heap o' junk it actually is!

Sach is in such a prediciment now that he agrees to Mr. Bobb's demands to let him have his soul in return for a week's worth of winning tips at the horse races.

And now, for something completely different! ...Ta-da!!

Fritz 'pop your mouth' Feld plays the zany psychiatrist who tries to help Sach, since he's been talking to people that aren't there! The doc's the one that ends up on the couch, naturally.

The crooks bring in a dame, Judy Bamber as Mabel, to butter up the boys and get some inside info on Sach's uncanny ability to pick winners.

Sach figures his only way out of the prediciment is to make sure that the winning horse loses the race!

As a result, Mr.Bobb is no longer the Mr. Big of the underworld he once was and ends up working as a waiter at Clancy's Diner in a second chance attempt to get back his horns. You'll have to watch for yourself to see if he gets them back or not! TCM play Bowery Boys movies all the time, so, catch some of them!

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