Saturday, June 9, 2012

FIVE LOOSE WOMEN - "Fugitive Girls" (1974)

Well, the reason we're here tonight, is to pay homage to the Great One in his last film, Edward Davis Wood Jr. This film was originally titled "Five Loose Women" but this version was re-released as "Fugitive Girls!" It was written by Ed Wood and Stephen C. Apostolof!

They were already at the liquor store, might as well make one more movie!

This is Rene Bond as Toni! The botched robbery by her boyfriend has now turned into a murder, and suddenly Toni's world is turned upside down! Up to this point in her career, Rene had pretty much only done movies with titles like "Beach Blanket Bango" and "Flesh Gordon!!"

Next stop, The Big House! Reminds me of my first day in The Army! Who wants to demonstrate the leaning rest position?? Rene Bond is joined here by Margie (NAZI SEX EXPERIMENTS) Lanier as Dee, Donna (THE NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES) Young as Shiela, Tallie (WAM BAM THANK YOU SPACEMAN) Cochrane as Kat, and Jabie Abercrombie as Paula!

Toni is forced against her will to go along with a breakout! Luckily, the authorities never considered getting some hounds that could actually smell!

The girls stumble upon a bunch of smelly hippies living out in the boondocks stoned, wild and free!!

Not really porn like most of the rest of her films, but they still give Rene and the rest of the gals lots of opportunities to take their shirts off!!

The owner of this Caddy finds out the hard way that he should have listened when his Mom told him to never pick up hitchhikers!

Ed Wood gets credit for Pop, the gas station attendant who blows the whistle on the girls!

Some stupid bikers stage a fake accident to try and get the ladies attention.........

............But they only end up getting their butts whupped real bad, and looking like a bunch of wimps!!

Despite the vast array of talent, this movie is missing something! Maybe it's just that for some people it's more difficult to act when they have their clothes on!!!

Ed Wood strikes a pensive pose in the uncredited role as the Sheriff!

The music for "Fugitive Girls" is all over the place and also uncredited! I know I've heard that pounding theme used in the action scenes before, but I can't remember where right now, and does it really matter anyway?

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??