Friday, October 8, 2010

ASYLUM / Amicus - 1972

Hello everbloody, welcome to our Halloween Friday Night Drive-In, here at The Dungeon. Tonight we have another great Amicus anthology of frights, this time the fun all takes place at the... ASYLUM! It's written by that master of horror, Mr. Robert Bloch and directed by Roy Ward Baker!

The music is by Douglas Gamley, Douglas worked on movies like PORTRAIT OF A SINNER, HORROR HOTEL, THE RETURN OF MR. MOTO, AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS and now, THE MONSTER CLUB. Then, music composed by the awesome Russian, Modest Mussorgsky (1839–1881), which you'll easily recognize in the soundclip, ended up on these cool Soundtracks... THE WIZARD OF OZ, FANTASIA, JABBERWOCKY, THE TOXIC AVENGER, WRESTLEMANIA III, ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER, THE LITTLE MERMAID, EARTHWORM JIM, THE CARTOON CARTOON SHOW, THE SIMPSONS and THE REN & STIMPY SHOW...

So's, on wif' da sho!.. Here's Dungeon helper and pal, Ralphie The Tarantula, what gets the honors of pushin' that big red 'GO' button, which in turn starts our Eariffic Earclip rollin' along, jes' fer yer listnin' pleshur! Welcome to the... ASYLUM!!

This little thriller starts with psychiatrist Dr. Martin (Robert Powell) going to the Dunmoor Asylum for the `incurably insane' to interview inmates, and satisfy a requirement for employment. Here, he talks with Dr. Lionel Rutherford (Patrick Magee), acting director of the facility. The real director has just suffered a mental breakdown!

Dr. Martin checks out some of the artwork displayed along the stairway.

Max, played by Geoffrey Bayldon, shows the doctor around, then introduces him to a patient, Bonnie.

She begins her story...

Richard Todd plays Bonnie's devious married lover, he has special plans for his unsuspecting wife.

Later that night!..

Yo, Eegah!!.. Remember this?!!

Bonnie shows up just in time to be chased by wrapped body parts, then gets axed in the face by a wrapped arm! She's played by Barbara Parkins. The Brits had some very attarctive women in film, to be sure!

Next, the doc's introduced to the nutty tailor, Bruno. Bruno (Barry Morse) has a sad tale of his own to tell...

He tells how a 'Mr. Smith' (Peter Cushing) commissioned him to make special clothing to reanimate the corpse of his dead son...

Bruno decides not to take the job, and in a scuffle, Peter is shot and killed by his own bullet!

Feeling grief for the victim, Bruno decides to complete the task, and to show that nothing would happen when he dressed the corpse with the special suit anyway! It's a great part when the thing gets up and starts creeping around, very weird!!

The third 'dual personality' story is totally tame and totally lame, it stars Britt Ekland as Lucy and Charlotte Rampling as Barbara, the same person...

The last story stars Herbert Lom as Dr. Byron, manufacturer of strange little robots with people heads!..

Dr. Byron actually goes inta a trance to control the mini-bot.

Here, it exacts some revenge with a sharp scalpel!

Dr. Martin steps on the manical thing to stop it, and it screams out in agony!!

Max gets the last word...

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!


prof. grewbeard said...

i'd forgotten all about this one, i think i actually saw it in the theater...

...of BLOOD!!!

word verificatiob - conarn. Conan + Arnold = CONARN!

Greg Goodsell said...

Totally tame and totally lame? With Britt Ekland and Charlotte Rampling? SCREW YOU!

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