Friday, October 29, 2010

THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE / Gorham Productions - 1959

Tonight we're featuring one of Tabonga's Top 10 Monster Movies from the Fifties, which had a whopping $135,000 budget! It's got nice effects, a great tentacled cyclops alien and stars Dungeon favorite, Arthur Franz.

The electronic music is unique, Alexander Laszlo gets a Music Department credit here, but really no info on the Composer! Alexander composed for these movies though... BLACK MAGIC, SCARED STIFF (1945), THE GLASS ALIBI, HOT CARGO, THE AMAZING MR. X, TARZAN'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN, NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, FORBIDDEN ISLAND, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES!

Alright!!.. Let's bring in that lil' old freaky 6-eyed Dungeon helper, Ralphie The Tarantula, to once again push that big red 'GO' button an' start our Eariffic Earclip a-rollin' along down Primrose Lane and... Wait, no, to yer quivering earifice! Push that old button, NOW!!!.. THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE!

This scene always gets my attention because of how awkward everything looks! Arthur was in some cool movies like ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN, FLIGHT TO MARS, INVADERS FROM MARS, THE FLAME BARRIER and MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS. Beautiful Joi Lansing was also in NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER, SON OF SINBAD, QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE and was Bob Cumming's TV girlfriend!!

Then, here's Bob Steele and Sid 'B' Melton. Bob has 235 credits and was a cowboy icon in the forties, we remember Sid from THE LOST CONTINENT where a Triceratops mows him down and as Ichabod 'Ikky' Mudd in the TV series CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT!

Once out at sea, the atomic sub Tigershark and crew encounter otherworldly hazards!

Paul (THE SHE CREATURE) Dubov and Dick (HORROR ISLAND) Foran locate their nemesis, The Cyclops, hiding behind that rock!

After the torpedos fail to stop the underwater saucer, the Commander directs the Tigershark to ram it!.. Daaaammn!!!

They use the Aqualung to transport themselves over to Cyclops.

They're able to get inside and find where the Tigershark's nose punctured through the saucer's skin.

As weird as it is, I love this shot!

Getting massacred inside Cyclops ain't real pretty!!

Outside and inside the alien's lair!

A face that only a mother monster could love... But, don't forget, point of view is everything!!

After the alien gets a flare in the eye, everything heals itself back up, just like new.

It's down to the wire! Will Cyclops get away and lead an invasion from space back to Earth?..

I don't think so!!

Arthur and Brett (RETURN OF THE FLY) Halsey gaze up at the night sky and speculate about if they will ever be back or not...


Exeter said...

I forgot how cool this movie is!
I'll have to drag it out from hiding and watch it again!

prof. grewbeard said...

whoa, i had no idea this movie looked that interesting, need to see it!

P.S. i don't usually go for blondes but- JOI LANSING!

Christopher said...

geez!..I didn't know Atomic Submarine had all this stuff going on!
the title always drove me away..

TABONGA! said...

Hi C - Jus' a-doin' ma' job 'round 'ere!

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