Friday, October 15, 2010

FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND / Jerry Warren - 1981

Here are all the credits Jerry Warren gets on this, his very last movie... Writer, director, producer, production design, film editor and music director! Kinda like us guys, here at The Dungeon! And, that's why we love him!!

Okay then, time to bring in our lil' 6-Eyed Freek... Ralphie The Tarantula! (Harrah!) He's here to push our big red 'GO' button and start tonight's Eariffic Earclip!.. FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND!

This flick's a real Frankenstein, so, on with the Freakshow!!..

The electrical 'arm thing' rates up there with the 'invisible monster' gag! I love how everbloody has to help!! That's Robert (HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) Clarke as the doc.

Give old Jer credit, he's very creative with a penny!

Not Cameron (FLIGHT TO MARS) Mitchell's best role, he didn't even have to get out of bed!

The dude gives Cam a shot directly on the top of his skull!!..

Sure, what the Hell, here's to 'em!!

They all get to learn about the 'arm thing.' It's simple... Joy stick, wired human brain in a plastic dome!

Jerry scores some points here!


Hey, did you know that everbloody has a skull?

No, Mrs. Lady not here, you come back later.

When the Zombie Boyz ain't fightin' they're sleeping in this brine!

Did I mention that John Carradine is in this movie? John had already died when this thing was released. A ghost playing a ghost!

Impressive set, wardrobe and prop, no?

This perfectly matches some of the silly sound effects heard in the soundclip! Remember, 1981...

Yeeesh, mash... turr....

Then, guess what? That's right, Cameron finds his long lost daughter!!

Now, where in the Hell did this guy get a Gatling Gun? Come on!!

Oops, sorry!.. That was the combo burrito I had for lunch! Katherine (TEENAGE ZOMBIES) Victor's always great!

You're soaking in it!

Best part of the show, laughing boy gets his larnyx crushed!!

It's a Mad Monster Dance Party!!.. C'mon, dance like a monster everbloody!

At the last second, Jerry pulls this out of his ass!

After they return to civilization, they get the Marines to go back to the island with them to bust the Frankensteins, but there's nothing there now! The Colonel is played by Andrew (Lights Out) Duggan. He leaves the guys standing there, just staring into space... Oh yeah, there's Steve (THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION) Brodie on the right.

Snipe hunt, go figure!

Jerry wrote the perfect ending, they find evidence of their weird adventure!.. Coo coo, coo coo, coo coo!! And, they all have to touch it at the same time!!

Ghoulnight, Everbloody!


Christopher said...

BeAcH BLaNkEt FrAnKeNsTeIn.......its the name of the game.

Eegah!! said...

I like it, I like it!!

alesum said...

Fantastic post. It was exactly what I was looking for. Nice and concise.

prof. grewbeard said...

Katherine Victor- also in Cape Canaveral Monsters and Wild World Of Batwoman! but you knew that...

TABONGA! said...

Katherine also had a small part at the beginning of MESA OF LOST WOMEN.

Mark said...

Hi everybloody, I love this blog!

Greg Goodsell said...

This post makes the movie look like a lot of fun, when in fact IT IS NOT. Thanks anyway.

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