Monday, October 11, 2010

JOHNNY JUPITER / DuMont + ABC TV - 1953-4

Welcome everbloody, to another Halloween Moldie Oldie Monday, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's a special one for The Baby Boomers!

Back in 1953-4, Tabonga used to watch this little TV show on KJEO out of Fresno, which featured a full sized robot with coke bottle glasses, but until recently had no idea what the title of the series was. The music is by Eddy Lawrence Manson, this show was his first gig. A few movies Eddy worked on were THE LITTLE FUGITIVE, LOVERS AND LOLLIPOPS, WEDDINGS AND BABIES, THREE BITES OF THE APPLE and NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR.

And, here to push the big red 'GO' button to start our Eariffic Earclip, is Dungeon helper and lil' buddy, Rufus The Gnat! Hit it, Rufus!!.. JOHNNY JUPITER!

It begins with the Narrator... "This is the story of Ernest P. Duckweather, who invented the strangest television in the world. On this set he could look through endless space, six hundred million miles away, to far-off Jupiter. In a Jupiterian television station he found three friends: Johnny Jupiter, a human, more or less; Major Domo, chief of the robots; and Reject, the factory-rejected robot who was able to appear and disappear at will. Soon Duckweather found that he could turn to the Jupiterians for help whenever he was in trouble."

Johnny Jupiter and Major Domo look in on their Earth pal, Ernest Duckweather... Is that a real name, Duckweather?

They're always willing to help Ernest out with his weekly adventures by sending him the bumbling, Reject The Robot!

Well, M&Ms are made on Mars, afterall! M&Ms, the candy with a thin sugar shell that melts in your mouth, not on your fingers... Wait!

Here's Ernest and Katherine discussing their future together, walking down the aisle to take the first rocketship to the Moon!!

Here's store owner Horatio Frisby and two of his 'friends' discussing an upcoming public event.

Party time on Jupiter, pass out the blowouts!!

Whoa! Ross Martin plays the Professor!

Yeah, yeah... M&Ms!!

Ernest's in trouble so Reject pops in.

Ernest has to fake being the speaker at the event. Reject's only job is to show the slides and he gets that wrong!

Reject keeps getting the slides mixed up, what else.

Now remember, kids!.. Eat your M&Ms!

A local TV ad, I think from Wisconsin.

Ghoulnight Everbloody!


El Fanatico said...

You forgot to mention that Ernest Duckweather was played by Wright King, a familiar face that was on like every western TV show of the 50's and more!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

"Feeling Goot, Mit Out Loot!" THAT i need!...

(took me a few days to remember that phrase!)

Lacey said...

The robot voice in the M&Ms commercial sounds like a young Walter Matthau.

Thanks for the post AND the audio.

WOW I wish Netflix had this.

Anonymous said...

WBKB was the ABC TV station in Chicago, call letters are now WLS

Anonymous said...

Boy does that bring back memories. "duckweather on earth calling planet Jupiter"

Jim robinson said...

How I remeMber at 7 watching on black and white TV

Unknown said...

Later, Local Philadelphia Kids show host Gene London did the puppetry and performed as the full-size reject the robot robot

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