Saturday, May 15, 2010

HAUNTS / American General Pictures - 1977

Welcome everbloody, to Saturday at the Flicks, here, again at The Dungeon. Today's feature is a twisted little tale shot in Mendocino, California. The story is about a farm girl who's convinced that her uncle is responsible for the bloody scissor-murders of some local girls. The murders trigger her mistrust of men and relationships due to some bad things that happened to her as a child...

Tagline reads - "A psycho-sexual thriller of a woman possessed."

Music is by heavyweight, Mr. Pino Donaggio, who ended up with a hefty 177 composing credits and is still working today! Here are some other titles he's worked on... SMILING MANIACS, CARRIE, PIRANHA, TOURIST TRAP, DRESSED TO KILL, THE HOWLING, BLOW OUT, HERCULES ('83), BODY DOUBLE, SAVAGE DAWN, CRAWLSPACE, GOR, OUTLAW OF GOR, DEMONS 4, ALL LADIES DO IT and MISTER DOG!

Welp, here is Dungeon pet Ralphie the Tarantula, slobbering all over Tabonga, in anticipation of pushing big red 'GO' button for today's Eariffic Earclip! And, what you know? He pushed it!.. HAUNTS!

The story starts, what else, with a murder!

May Britt plays Ingrid, local farmgirl hottie!.. Man, whotta getup, she reminds me of Big Bird! May was wife of Sammy Davis Jr. A few other movies she worked on are SHE WOLF, SHIP OF LOST WOMEN, WAR AND PEACE, THE YOUNG LIONS and MURDER, INC.

There are plenty of peripheral characters to keep you entertained.

Local punk in pickup's out looking for pickups!.. Go figure!

This weirdo chases Ingrid and attacks her! Hey, it kinda looks like...

Good old Aldo Ray! Here, he plays the less-than-perfect Sheriff of the small town, and who's job it is to figure out what the hell's going on. And, well, he ain't doing that great so far!

For Tabonga, this is best shot in the whole flick!!

This freaky broad (I think that's the correct term) wants to know if this dude at the bar wants to be her father!

TIME OUT!.. Check out that nice Shoebox, man!!

Ingrid runs like Hell to church, maybe a hymn'll help!

After the pastor prays with her, this freakin' happens! Damn, what the hell!!

Aldo locates his daughter, he breaks in and has a few words with Romeo!

Boyfriend Frankie is played by William Gray Espy, who did bit parts as hoodlums on 2 popular soap operas!

Ingrid watches TV as they show the suspects in the murders.

Cameron Mitchell has a little crush on his niece!

Ingrid dies in a fire and gets buried... Bottom pic is for Eddie!

Aldo and Cameron just found out that their SAG cards got pulled!!


Uranus said...

I guess nobody knows who Sammy Davis Jr. is these days!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

Cameron Mitchell has a crush on his OWN niece?...

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