Wednesday, May 26, 2010

REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES / Halperin Productions - 1936

Welcome to Wednesday Oldie Moldie B+W Bijou Flicktime Theater! This time we gots a follow up to the Halprin atmospheric classic, WHITE ZOMBIE, starring Bela Lugosi!

They reuse Bela's eyes over and over in REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES. Coincidently, those two are the only movies Halprin Productions ever made...

Mr. Abe Meyer was the music director using stock compositions from Charles Dunworth and Hugo Riesenfeld.

Alright, here is lil' Dungeon pet Rufus the Gnat, and he whispering to Tabonga that he all wanting to push that big red 'GO' button and send today's Eariffic Earclip on it's way to your eardrum, then travel to pleasure center, somewhere in you brain! Really, he say all that!..

So, here he go... Pushing wif' every sinew a lil' Gnat can muster... Closer... Closer... And,,, He... Do it!.. REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES!

A priest from Cambodia explains how he may be able to help the French win their war... With the help of zombies!

The imagery he conjures up terrifies his listeners... "This might mean the end of the white race!" gasps the general.

This dude figures out a way to get a free trip to Cambodia!!


That's some nice looking back projection goin' on there!

A provocative dance move in Cambodia.

Tabonga just throwing this pic in for the Hell of it.

Ratt on!..

Sheiss looks effin' goot, mon!

A room with stairs usually makes an interesting looking shot, and this one's no exception.

Having the right paraphernalia is a perogative when becoming zombified!

Flashbacks are quite common... What?

And, can lead to the hard stuff!!

Claire uses zombie guy to make Dean (X: THE UNKNOWN) Jagger jealous... Dames!

Tabonga cannot believe they all shot him in the exact same spot! Look like he need a Tums...


prof. grewbeard said...

guess i should check this one out too- it always suffers badly in comparison to White Zombie but bad reviews never stopped me before. this review makes it look weirder than ever before!...

Yes You Are!! said...

How revolting!

Christopher said...

ah am a SOMBIE!..ah don'ts know nuthin'"

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