Saturday, May 8, 2010

FRANKENSTEIN '80 / Italy - 1972

Welcome everbloody, to a classic Eurotrash, skull-busting installment of Saturday Matinee Flicktime here at the Dungeon...

Whew!!.. Tabonga is glad to be back in driver's seat after week of terror and mayhem perpetrated against his jungle headquarters by a business SO big, it cannot find it's freakin' brain!!!!!!

Music is by Italiano, Daniele Patucchi, who compiled 33 composing credits between 1970-84. Some other titles he worked on are THE LUSTFUL BARBARIAN, BLACK KILLER, DEAF SMITH & JOHNNY EARS, THE EVIL EYE, PLOT OF FEAR, STIGMA, MAD RIDER, TURBO TIME and SAVAGE ZONE!

Alright, Tabonga pet Ralphie the Tarantula say that he all ready to be pushing that big old red 'GO' button, in order to deliver another Dungeon special 'eariffic earclip' to your waiting earbones! Okay, everbloody countdown, 85.. 84.. 83.. 82.. 81.. FRANKENSTEIN 80!!

***Special Tabonga 'pet news' coming Wednesday, so, better tune in for big announcement!

Everything took a nose dive in the seventies! This is premier bodybuilder, Gordon Mitchell, who stars in this brute of a blood + bludgen fest. Gordon had already appeared in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, THE YOUNG LIONS, RIO BRAVO, Muscleman Rufe in LIL' ABNER, SPARTACUS, ATLAS AGAINST THE CYCLOPS, THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS, SEVEN SLAVES AGAINST THE WORLD, HERCULES AND THE PRINCESS OF TROY, STAR PILOT, KILL OR BE KILLED, BORN TO KILL, REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE, SARTANE THE GRAVEDIGGER, SATYRICON, DEAD MEN DON'T MAKE SHADOWS, DOWN ON YOUR HANDS, YOU SCUM!, THE ARIZONA KID, COFFIN FULL OF DOLLARS, THE BIG BUST OUT and THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS before his landed this role as Dr. Otto Frankenstein! Although, he did make millions after moving to Italy in 1961!

The doc's working on reanimating his creation, Mosaic, after stealing another doctor's secret organ transplant serum...

Mosaic wants to try out his... err... uh... Well, anyway, he pays the prostitute her fee plus an 'ugly bump' before he brutally strangles her!

This is weird and funny, the doc helps Mosaic get dressed after the incident!

The doc puts Mosaic's eyeball back in after a tough fight.

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by TRAFFIC came out in 1971. See if you hear the probable purloined patterns as this stripper does her thing for the audience.

Unfortunately, Mosaic is a music hater!

Mosaic's brain ain't quite right, so he grabs this club and goes after his creator!

Doc Frankenstein gets his just deserts, a strawberry topping!

TV dude tells everbloody to watch out for a big bloody maniac!

As usual, the cops show up a little too late for this guy. So, they just take pictures and smoke cigarettes!

Mosaic hitches a ride in the car trunk to the house of his next intended victim. That's pretty creepy!!


Did that scare you?

Hero John Richardson somehow holds his own against the monster's attack. John can be seen in BLACK SUNDAY, SHE, ONE MILLION YEARS B. C., THE VENGENCE OF SHE, TORSO, EYEBALL, WAR IN SPACE, WAR OF THE PLANETS and DEMON 3! He retired from film to persue photography.

It's a total organ rejection for Mosaic at the end, and he literally comes unglued!


Abigail Wise said...

ahhah this looks awful, but in a good way!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

goodness gracious!

Greg Goodsell said...

This movie looks creepy and dark. Mommy, hold my hand!

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Monster Music
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