Thursday, May 20, 2010

LISA E IL DIAVOLO - Carlo Savina - "Lisa And The Devil In The House Of Exorcism" (1974)

Well, let me see if I can make an ass of myself by putting together back to back, or as it were in this case, head to bald head, movies that starred cool & crazy dude Telly Savalas, who even though he can be pretty creepy, didn't make a whole lot of horror films, but then those 118 episodes of "Kojak" kept him pretty locked down from 1973 to 1978!

"Lisa And The Devil", a title re-released as "The House Of Exorcism" is a weird movie, and why shouldn't it be, it's just another in a long line of strange films from Mario Bava, who knows more than a few things about weird, and it ain't no coincidence that the bald demonic cat in that fresco looks just like Telly Savalas, or as he is known here, Leandro!!

60's blonde goddess, the lovely Elke Sommer as Lisa, turns in quite a performance as the victim, and also evil personified, in some very nice flesh!!

Mr. Telly Savalas as Leandro is just a little strange, and has quite the dummy fetish, but is mostly just misunderstood! Right!

This here get together of the bodyless leftovers raises a lot of money every year in their annual Telly-Thon!! Call in right now with your donation, that's 1-800-666-7734, our operator's are on permanent standby and are waiting!!

It's all too much for Lisa, and she does a tailspin from Hades, and ends up where even God doesn't know! That Elke is quite an actress! That's quite a look for a beauty queen! They say Elke was fluent speaking in seven languages, but I don't think talking in tongues was one of them!

Hey!!! This woman is sick, somebody call an ambulance!!! Are you sure you don't want to take her temperature first? At least her eyes rolled back into her head!!

Here's a shot of Leandro partying with a few of his closest and most beloved friends, who all came over to watch Telly-Mundo on the Telly-Vision with him!!

The devilish music for this film was composed by Carlo Savina, a man with a long history of making music for Italian films with titles that translate into English like "The Mini-Skirt Murders," "Crypt Of The Vampire," "Hey Amigo, A Toast To Your Death," "Mr. Superinvisible," and "School of Erotic Enjoyment."

There's just one small problem, All of Leandro's friends are Dead!!! Talk about your Dead Man's Party!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Lisa is having a few friends from Hell over herself, unfortunately, they are all up inside her head, but not to worry, they've called a priest, and everything is going to be just peachy keen in no time what all! Sure it is!!

I'd say we've got a little tongue in cheek diabolical humour going on here, or is that called Tootsie Pop in cheek humour?

In a cheap attempt to tempt the priest into giving in to a mental submission hold, the wild and depraved Lisa turns into the seductive and very naked Carmen Silva. Go for it, man!!

No kidding, I used to be able to do this very same maneuver until just a few years ago! Not a position you normally see in movies like this! Lord knows the Devil would have something to do with it!

So, that's it for this installment of Mario Bava's version of "Father Knows Best!"


Prof. Grewbeard said...

"and remember, nine-tenths of the law!"

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

N'yuk, N'yuk, N'yuk!!!

Christopher said...

This was a great return to Bava's old colorful gothic style of the 60s as Lisa and the Devil,till they made him re-release it with the Exorcist crap for the oncoming chicken nuggets generation!

Isaoinaba73e3 said...

That Dead Man's Party is sucking big--! Everybody at the table just seems to be utterly bored. Nice review - thankz!

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