Friday, May 28, 2010

BLOOD TIDE / Connaught International - 1982

Welcome everbloody, to another installment of SATURDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS! here at the Dungeon! Today's feature stars James Earl (Darth Vader's voice) Jones, José (DRACULA'S DOG) Ferrer, Martin (DEATH RACE 2000) Kove and the stunning beauty, Deborah Shelton, who did a ton of TV roles.

The plot goes... "An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins."

The two real problems with this flick is that it's boring as hell and you never get a good look at the monster! An ancient drawing of the creature shows it's big bobo, so maybe that's the reason! Also, this was the only film ever produced by Connaught International.

Music is by Jerry Mosely, who had a spectacular career with a total of 2 composing credits! The other one was FRIGHTMARE...

Okay, Ralphie the Tarantula transfer to Tabonga mental message and he say that he ready to send our Eariffic Earclip to viewing and listening audience! I think he mean you... So, that little hairy tarantula ped hittin' the big red 'GO' button wonst again, here's... BLOOD TIDE!

Neil and Sherry Grice go to a strange Greek island, looking for his missing sister.

James Earl plays Frye, a total drunken unpredictable ass!

They find Neil's sister, Madeline, but she seems to be involved in some strange behavior!

The perfect beach candy for Tabonga, girlie flavored!

Nothing better than exercising to tunes on the radio!.. Hey, what are those guys looking at?

She thinks the dudes are watching her for the skin...

But, they just want to see if the monster is going to get her!

They weren't disappointed!

Frye keeps on being a big prick!

Awesome pose of James Earl!

Caravan with a drum solo or Greek Teen Beat?

Whoa!.. Tabonga just see an angel!


Goodbye, everbloody! See you tomorrow when Eegah!! bring you Saturday Surprise!


Dick Cox said...


Anonymous said...

i like the old movies, but i sometimes make fun of the scene where they put a "giant"... its green screen.

TABONGA! said...


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Was the giant's name Bobo?

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Monster Music
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