Tuesday, November 13, 2007

THE NASTY RABBIT - Arch Hall & The Archers - "Mood Music" (1964)

There's not really much to say about this movie since we respect Arch so much & this film sucks so bad, but we'll always defend the music, because Arch rocks, period!
So here you have some pretty swell background music from a couple of the scenes in this stinker, one a jazzier rock piece & one basic country fling! Buy one of Arch's Cd's for yourself for X-Mas & forget the rest!
Arch Country

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Greg Goodsell said...

Liz, Liz, Liz -- I met her live and in personin in 2000. She was in her late Seventies but still glamorous! One of these days I'll post my picture with her in a romantic clench.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??