Thursday, November 22, 2007

THE EYE CREATURES - Baxter/Stein - "The Big Wheel" (1965)

When you start talking turkey, it's inevitable that names like Jerry Warren & Larry Buchanan will crop up every time, but in the parallel universe that is "Dwrayger Dungeon" these same names are the ones that continue to intrigue us for what seems like an eternity. "The Eye Creatures" is a perfect example, if there ever was one! It's a great movie & is highly recommended to any followers of anything! This movie basically has it all! You got Great music, offbeat comedy, John Ashley, and more! The whole movie is like one big cover tune, that not only parodies itself, and the original, but also whatever else may follow in the future! Uncredited music by the best, Les Baxter & Ronald Stein, what else could you possibly even ask for? Bubble-headed reject space monsters, 30 year old teenagers necking, & the most awesome ripoff/homage you're ever likely to come in contact with ever! You can buy or rent "The Eye Creatures" with "Zontar" as a double feature DVD, & we suggest that you do! What a bargain!

The Air Force perv on the left was the Martian dude in the strip bar in "Mars Needs Women!"
Making Out

Long before heavy metal we had some serious parking and heavy petting going on out there in the old day for night territory!!!

This waitress is just way too smokin' hot for these two loser guys to handle!

How Bout That?

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to Larry! One of the crown jewels in my old VHS collection is a copy of Buchanan's STRAWBERRIES NEED RAIN, his take on an European art film that HE told me he fooled everyone into believing was an undiscovered Bergman. Everyone in the cast has twangy Texas accents and stars Monica Gayle from SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, for God's sakes! Not to mention venerable old radio ham Les Tremayne as "Death!"

-- Greg Goodsell

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