Friday, November 23, 2007

ZOMBIES (I Eat Your Skin) - Lon E. Norman - "Main Theme" (1964)

We prefer the title "Zombies" to the re-issue title of "I Eat Your Skin," because it seems much more appropriate and definately cooler sounding! "Zombies!" Lon E. Norman is given credit for the music on this Del Tenney masterpiece, and besides this film, Lon only did music for that other classic beach thriller "Sting Of Death" & "The Jackie Gleason TV Show." That's about it for him. Versatile, short, but sweet! The soundtrack from this movie is just crazy and wild enough that it might have just worn him out, and working with The Del, where perfection was always on demand, could never have been easy! This film has music unlike anything you have never or will ever hear again in the movies. Guaranteed!!


Anonymous said...

This is one of those extremely mild horror films that were largely denied TV broadcast in the Sixties due to its racist stereotypes.

-- Greg Goodsell

MW said...

Speaking of "The Sting of Death", the link to the wonderful "Do the Jellyfish" from that old 2007 post no longer works. Could you repost that mp3 if possible?

It's nothing short of brilliant. Also, nothing long of crap. Whatever that means, I love it.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Done for now!!

MW said...

Awesome! You're swella-swella.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You're a Wella Welcome!!

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