Friday, November 2, 2007

KONGA - Gerard Schurmann - "Radio Music" (1961)

Man, that Michael Gough can be a devilish soul, & in "Konga" he probably plays his best role of a really 'not nice' guy. His assistant Margaret loves him; she's so lowly, she doesn't even have a last name and he treats her like crap. Sandra Banks adores his intellect, but has no clue that he's just a dirty old pervert after her bod, not her mind. He has his big monkey kill anybody that pisses him off, and he's growing giant phallic-looking, meat-eating plants in his greenhouse. Does that sound like a nice guy to you? Well, maybe by today's standards, but not back in 1961! Still, it makes for a great movie & should be riding high on your 'to do' list! Gerard Schurmann does a swingin' job on the music, just like he did on the other Michael Gough evil classic, "Horrors Of The Black Museum."
Having a casual conversation with the boss, Hey Mike, watch out, or you'll bust a blood vessel!

Stuck in the back of the truck, might as well break out the radio & listen to some cool tunes!

How bout that? Sandra Banks gets to ride up front!

Getting out of the rain, dancing, everyone's having a great time except, Sandra Banks' boyfriend Bob Kenton, who if Sandra had listened to, would still be alive, & she'd still have two arms!

Bob can't take it anymore!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

KONGA is yet another "old duffer exploiting the young" story from producer Herman Coehn, who rode out the very same formula in his TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN and TEENAGE DRACULA!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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