Wednesday, November 14, 2007

THE SADIST - Paul Sawtell/Bert Shefter - "SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE" (1963)

Charlie is one of the most sadistic goobers on earth!

Better watch out, Crazy Silent Judy is conjuring up something!

Pretty frisky for cousins!

The only real outsider music in "The Sadist" happens when they're working on the car & listening to the radio, when a country stomper comes on the radio & gets crazy Judy all excited as Charlie leers on. From our understanding, in real life, Arch & Marilyn were cousins, which makes their relationship in this movie even weirder! Here's where the car-fixin' radio hoedown was!

And they just wanted to go to a Dodgers' game, now they can't even believe they're in this movie with these bumpkin freaks!

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Greg Goodsell said...

This film is based on the crimes of Charles Starkweather and "wild, crazy Judy" Caril Fugate. This story about serial killers was also the inspiration behind BADLANDS and to a certain extent NATURAL BORN KILLERS. The funny thing? Caril Fugate got out of prison, even after all the people she helped Charles kill!

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