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THE VENTURE BROS. / Dia De Los Dangerous - 2004

The Venture Bros. was my favorite show on Adult Swim, this is the first episode from this series. I personally like the earlier stories as it got too glossy and overly complicated near the end.

Our adventure starts with the gang down in Tijuana Mexico where Dr. Venture is giving a lecture at the university. He's accompanied by his sons Hank and Dean and their body guard, the baddest ass in the universe, Brock Samson.

Dr. Venture is lecturing the students on how there is no such thing as a chupacabra. The students are paying no attention to his ramblings...

After his WTF lecture, Dr. Venture would like to get paid for his services. The administrator hands him a check for 9,000..... Pesos!!

Then a Monarch butterfly lands on Dr. Venture's shoulder and he wants to know if it's poisonous.

Thing is, the butterfly is actually a mechanical tracking device sent out to spy on Doc. The Monarch there on the right is Dr. Venture's sworn rival, although, Doc seemingly has never even heard of The Monarch! He tells his henchmen to go out and keep an eye on the Ventures and watch out for that psycho Brock Samson!

In the meantime, Dr. Venture has gone to a Tijuana doctor and requests some uppers from him. The Tijuana doctor tells him that he has scruples, so Dr. Venture holds up a hundred dollar bill.

Doc gave Hank and Dean some spending money and Dean wants to spend it on their robot, Helper. 

Dean says, let's get him a new paint job!

While Helper is being redone, Monarch's henchmen decide to take Hank and Dean hostage and take them back to their palace, rather than just keep an eye on them.

The boys communicators tell Brock exactly where they are and he sprints to the scene!

Brock chokes the instigator of the kidnapping with an iron grip while the others look on in horror.

Brock has been hit with like a hundred tranquilizer darts with no effect!!

So, one of the henchmen guns the truck and rams Brock in reverse, finally knocking him out. The kidnappers go back to the palace.

When Dr. Venture wakes up, he's in a tub of ice with a note pinned to his dickey.

Doc calls Helper to come and get him.

Helper hones in on Brock's communicator and they find a gravesite where people have paid their respects to the fallen god.

But, Brock springs up, still holding on to the dead henchman. Doc asks him why he was being so brutal and Brock replies... Doc, they hit me with a truck! By the way, Brock is voiced by that awesome dude, Patrick Warburton!

Back in their private jet, the X-1, Brock has found the boys' location and puts a plan into action. But just before that, Dr. Venture is attacked by a chupacabra that was hiding in Brock's car. I hope you see the irony here.

Brock guns the car in reverse and backs it out of the X-1.

The car drops into the Monarch's lair where Brock demolishes all the henchmen and grabs Hank and Dean from the Monarch's clutches.

At the end we find out that Dr. Venture is just fine with two new kidneys! This series is just the best for twisted humor, my fave.

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Randall Landers said...

My favorite scene is when in the cemetary, Doc is attacked by a chucacabra, and Brock kills it. Doc says "What the hell is that?" Samson replies, "A chucacabra. Mexico is crawling with them." LOL A counterpoint to Doc's lecture at the University.

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