Monday, January 17, 2022

MERRY MELODIES / "Back Alley Uproar" - 1948

Since I'm pressed for time today, here's a great little cartoon fer y'all. It stars Sylvester, who wants to serenade the neighborhood, and Elmer, who wants to get a good night's sleep, and never the twain shall meet!

Sylvester starts his night with an operatic number...

And get a big old shoe in the mush from Elmer!

Then, Sylvester does another number that requires him to stomp up and down the stairs at Elmer's place in oversized army boots! This gets him tied up and his boots replaced with sneakers!

So, Sylvester greases the steps and sprinkles a few tacks on the ground for  good luck. Then he creates more noise.

Elmer slips and slides down the stairs and through the tacks. At that point, he turns around and heads back up the stairs, all akimbo.

He goes inside and grabs his rifle, then it's back down the stairs!

Sylvester is on the roof and sees Elmer coming up on a ladder. He grabs another kitty and gives him his sheet music, and disappears.

Kitty sings an annoying operatic song which gets him conked in the head with a rifle butt!

It's time for the old (who even knows what this is anymore) Alum gag!

This shuts Sylvester up for about 10 seconds.

My favorite part, Sylvester breaks out in a Spike Jones number, the last straw for Elmer!

He grabs a case of dynamite from a construction site, time to rid the neighborhood of that pesky old cat! So, Elmer lights the fuse and it immediately explodes!!

Elmer is so happy that he can now get some sleep, heaven it great, ain't it! Until, all 9 lives of Sylvester show up singing at the top of their lungs!


kd said...

Love the old cartoon entries on the blog! A nice fun respite from the horror that "real life" has become ever since 2016...

TABONGA! said...

You got that right KD!

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Monster Music
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