Friday, January 28, 2022

FLIP THE FROG In "The Village Barber" - 1930

Man, cartoons from 1930 (92 years ago) were just plain weird, and basically incoherent! Like this little Ub Iwerks story starring old Flip The Frog.

Flip is a barber getting ready for another day's work at his shop, he lubes his barber pole so that it works smoothly...

And he even lubes his little bug pals that turn the pole. For some reason, after he lubes them, they get all happy and really enjoy their work!.. Weird!

This piggy kid sees the pole, tosses down his lollipop, tears off the pole, starts licking it and walks away. Flip gets another pole but we won't go into that, too weird, poor kitty cat...

Then this shaggy guy 's walking down the street when he gets a gander of himself in a reflection, holy cow man!

And he heads into Flip's barber shop.

Flip's having quite a problem trying to comb out the guy's hair! Stubborn!

Flip pulls out his clippers (with a little face on it of course) and he starts shaving the guy, who's definitely in need of a good grooming!

This one's got me stumped..

Then it happens, a customer decides to listen to a tune on the old player piano.


Too late, a big old spider pops out and starts dancing on the piano keys, playing a ragtime number.. Next stop, Crazy-Ville!

I mean, just look at this pot-belly stove after it gets a mouthful of coal! It's higher'n Hell. Another thing I noticed is that the place is a dump!

So, all hands on deck putting the finishing touches on the old hound, as they merrily move to the nutty song.

They all start singing along in harmony, until...

The hound hits a low note and the floor crashes through.

And they finish the song from there! Just like this post!

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kd said...

Holy cow! I looked this one up on YouTube, and *damn* was this one ever WeIrDo!!! A lot of strange fun, tho'! Thanks! :)

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