Friday, January 21, 2022

COURAGEOUS CAT AND MINUTE MOUSE In "The Case Of The Big Squeeze" - 1960

I've been wanting to do one of these for awhile, and today it's gonna happen. This is a series that never played in our area and discovered it on Prime. This is Bob Kane's attempt to make crime fighters in a more camp and humorous style, and, it led the way for the BATMAN TV series starring Adam West later that decade. It has pretty low production value, but I think it lends to its charm. Also, Johnny Holiday created the cool music which includes an awesome riff in the theme song.

In this episode, one of my favorites, artist Rodney Rodent is using his painting machine to create a pile of 'masterpieces' to sell to unsuspecting art collectors.

He tops them off with forged signatures he stamps on!

He takes them to J. P. Mutton to make the sale. J. P. wants to know if the painting are genuine, and Rodney replied... Of course, just smell the fresh paint!

And Rodney leaves with a cart full of  dough!

The first place Rodney goes to is The Pad, a beatnik hang out! Performing the music is Sassy Bones accompanied by singer, Chanteluse. Cracks me up, she doesn't sing, she just uses voice modulations and screams!

Rodney showers her with money because, you know, she's one hot chick!

Courageous Cat and Minute are out on patrol in the Catmobile when the police chief gives them a call to say that Rodney Rodent ripped off J. P. Mutton, he's at The Pad, go get him!

The guys show up at The Pad, ready for action.

While Courageous checks out Rodney's upstairs apartment, Minute goes inside to keep an eye on the crooked artist. Minute even changes into a beatnik outfit to fit in.

Upstairs, Courageous finds Rodney's art machine, now it's time to bust him!

Inside, Minute reveals himself to Rodney, and points two pistols at his head!

But Rodney escapes on his scooter after running over and flattening the little mouse.

While chasing Rodney in the Catmobile, Courageous pulls out his handy multi-purposed gun and fires a giant paint tube at Rodney, encasing him inside the tube.

The police chief shows up and wants to know where Rodney is...

Courageous says... Minute's putting the squeeze on him! Love these crazy characters, the main bad guys are The Frog and Harry The Ape who Rodney works for occasionally. Have a decent weekend, if that's possible any more.

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kd said...

Wow! Here I thought I'd seen all of the cartoons from around 1960? Guess not!

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