Friday, January 14, 2022

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE / Kidney Car - 2003

Seems like it's time for a dose of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so, here an episode where Carl gets screwed over by Shake once again.

It all starts when Shake is showing Frylock his trophy he just got as a participant in the Smash'em Up Finals for a car demolition event.

And, there's a knock on the door, it's Carl and he wants to know what happened to his car!

Because, it's been torn to bejesus and back!

Carl tries to get some answers from Frylock and Meatwad but it doesn't go well, and Shake has gone to his room, which he doesn't have.

Carl donates the car to the Kidney Foundation, maybe he can get a tax write-off.

Shake comes out wearing a crash helmet with a lame excuse as to why he's wearing it. You can see what the conversation does for Carl.

The tow truck driver then drops it off in front of the Aqua Teen's house next door. 

Although Meatwad doesn't have any kidneys, the foundation gave him the car so that he can get to work and back. Carl has had it with his neighbors and leaves.

Meatwad has already spray painted Hot Wad 3 on the back fender.

And since it doesn't run now, Meatwad gets his tools out and starts working on the engine.

Meatwad even employs the help of his paper bag friend, Foxy Brown, whose job it is to turn the ignition key to start the engine when Meatwad says, okay.

Meatwad has to bring in Frylock and Shake to help him get the car running, but zilch. Frylock tells Meatwad to get an estimate from a mechanic to see what it would cost to get it repaired.

The next morning Meatwad is in the car pretending to be in traffic trying to get to work, yelling at the other drivers. Shake shows up as a cop to harass Meatwad for driving without a seat belt and threatens to throw him in jail.

Here's the faxed estimate for the repairs from the mechanic!

In the meantime, Shake has acquired a jet engine and drops it on the car. If you notice, the engine is actually backwards!

Shake has Meatwad start the engine and immediately Carl's new hatchback gets pulled toward the engine's air intake!

And within seconds, Carl's new car is sucked into the engine. Carl comes out to see what the noise was, and where's his new car! After talking to Shake about the incident, Carl's head explodes!

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