Monday, January 6, 2020

SANTO EN PROFANADORES DE TUMBAS / Santo Battles The Grave Robbers! - 1966

What the HELL!! That's what I always say!.. Anyway, today we have another one of Santo's many movies. Sorry about the print, but, it's better than nothing. Here's the story line from IMDb.. "Santo investigates a series of grave robberies." Wow, I could have figured that out from the poster! So, let me tell you, this movie is freakin' brutal and insane, you will not believe all the sadistic things that happen to Santo in this one! Even though it's in Spanish, check it out, search the title and the complete movie is available there. Do yourself a favor!

After taking on the task of busting some local grave robbers, Santo receives a gift at his pad, it's a freaky looking lamp. So, he plugs it in and turns it on, it gives out an irritating noise and Santo undergoes intense pain. After some harrowing moments, he's able to unplug the infernal thing. Like, what's going on around here, anyway?

Santo gets a tip and heads to the cemetery.. He encounters some tough hombres he takes on, but, they eventually gang up on him and knock him out. So, what do they do you ask, right, they throw him in the grave and bury him alive! (this is not the only time this happens to him in his movies). But, our hero toughs it out and is barely able to save himself!

Wow daddy-o, look at this sweet communication lab any monster kid in the fifties would love to have!! Santo looks like a big kid sitting there talking to, I guess, the police commissioner. The weird thing at top is actually a very nice painting!

The leader of the grave robbers sends out his crippled and not too bright henchman to shoot up Santo in the ring with poison when no one's paying attention, but, he shoots up the wrong guy!! The guy dies and the henchman is beaten with a stick once again for his incompetence!

Here's a look at part of the bad guys' hangout that has some antique looking machinery!

So, the henchmen go to Santo's place while he's gone. They bring in another sinister lamp but this time, they add a 25 foot cord (so they're protected from the effects) and wait for our hero to return. When Santo goes over to look at it, they plug it in and run away. Santo has another bout with the lamp before pulling the plug out yet again. Holy crap, twice!

Santo locates the hideout and goes there to bust some heads. Of course, they were expecting him, and using an intense furnace, incapacitate him!.. C'mon Santo, damn!!

They take him to a small room, tie him up and shut the door...

Then, they turn up the heat!! I don't quite understand, but that furnace seems to be the source of a lot of trouble!

Somehow, Santo, half baked, gets untied and goes to the door and breaks the glass. He opens the door and goes after the sadists. I mean, they were all laughing their asses off watching him suffer through the ordeal!

In another part of the building is this insane machine, for what, who knows, but, it seems to be a great place for a fight! Finally, one henchman ends up in a well deserved, steaming cauldron.

In the meantime, Santo's friends escape their bonds after the boss man gets distracted. He was ready to operate on them, talk about timing!! Dude calls the police.

The boss puts up a good fight, but Santo is too much for him. He charges like a bull but Santo just steps to his side and the evil POS falls head first into his own devilish pit of Hell fire!!

Okay, so the police show up, Santo gives them the skinny and just walks away into the night, like he always does... Join us on Wednesday when Eegah!! takes over the 'post' button, here, at The Dungeon!!..


Elvis Bowie! said...

Wowie Zowie! Looks like Santo could have really used some help from his pal Blue Demon in this one!

TABONGA! said...

Elvis, you are so right, Santo faced death about ten times, he really could have used some help from Blue Demon in this one, a very harrowing adventure... Thanks for checking in!

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