Friday, January 17, 2020

FLIP THE FROG In "Room Runners" - 1932

Here's a Flip The Frog cartoon where he's trying to sneak out of an hotel without paying the bill. This one is special for one reason, and you'll see why as you scroll down this review!..

Here's the Grand Slam Hotel where Flip is staying... You can see the security cop on his beat.

Flip has packed his bag and is trying to sneak out of the place in the cover of darkness. On his way out, he gets a sneak peek at this gal in a see through nightie going back to her room!

The desk clerk, an old biddy, is sleeping, but Flip makes a bunch of noise and conks her on the head with a spittoon that he gets his foot stuck in. She gets furious when she sees who it is, and reminds him that he still owes the hotel $42! He runs back to his room...

He comes up with plan B and ties his bed sheets together, then tosses them out the window. Then he drops his bag, which lands directly on the cop's head!!

The desk clerk looks through the keyhole to see what Flip's up to. She flips out (ha-ha) and tries to get the door open. When that fails, she resorts to running at the door to break through but the door opens up and she streaks into the room!..

And busts her head through a painting of a nude!!.. Oh, how embarrassing!

The old biddy is at his window, screaming, and the cop is on the sidewalk below, just waiting for him to come down. Looks like he's caught between a rock and a hard place!

So, Flip simply goes through an open window on the middle floor!.. This blows my mind a little, but, Flip decides to see who's in the shower, and just walks right on in!

As short as Flip is, I'm sure he got a good look at her.... Anyway, I'd say that it was well worth a little embarrassment, right Flip?

The cop's looking for Flip, but he seems to be easily distracted from his job. Flip tells him to look through the keyhole, which he does...

Heaven through a keyhole! But, after the gal figures out what's going on, she pokes the cop's eye with a long nail and he makes a hasty retreat!

While chasing Flip, the cop ends up riding a banister down a flight of stairs. He rams the girl's big butt with his feet and it transfers into big boobs, which makes her very happy!

Flip decides to duck out of the hotel during the mayhem. But, he gets hit in the head by a flying telephone, falls onto the arm of the slot machine, and hits the jackpot!

Check out that walk, looks like lots of comic artists later copied that move!

Before he can leave though, the desk clerk wants the money for the bill. So, Flip gives her a spittoon full of coins. She gladly accepts!

Then the cop steps in, he wants a coin too. Flip has no more coins so he does a little magic trick and produces a cigar instead. Flip lights it for him and after a few seconds, the place blows sky high!!

We end with Flip and a guy who needs a tooth pulled (from earlier in the toon) in that gal's room yet again! She gets pissed and takes a swing at Flip, he ducks, and she hits the guy with dental problem in the mouth, knocking the tooth out...

This was obviously made before the censors stepped in. Tune in tomorrow when we'll have something special for you'se... Here, at The Dungeon!..

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