Friday, January 10, 2020

CAVEMAN COMEDY / Richard Olson: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1962

Welp, today we gots another installment of Monster Kid Home Movies, this time it's a 3 minute flick from 1962. What could be more fun than to dress up as cave kids and run around like maniacs on a warm summer afternoon, with your 8mm camera in tow...

I had to make these little knuckle draggers a title card for this one.

Here we come.. Walking down the street.. We wanna stomp.. Every monster we meet!.. Hey, hey, were The Cavies!

This little buck toothed guy has a freakin' sledge hammer!! That looks like Fred Flintstone there in the background.

Anyway, they love to jump around in the tall grass and pound dinosaurs!!

OH NO!.. It's the dreaded Tiger Kid!

So, they beat the crap outta Tiger Kid and drag him away! In the top photo, it looks like some neighbor kid got in the shot by mistake because that's definitely not official cave kid attire.

I guess Tiger Kid ist kaput? But, a cute lil' kitty makes a cameo appearance!

Now get ready for this!.. There's a kid inside that box, making for the weirdest dinosaur I've seen in quite a while! What a hoot!..

Wow, what a mess this shot is!

So, the big cave kid goes up against the little cave kid and knocks him on his keister! I just cannot stop laughing at that second photo!


Poor little guy never even got to see a dentist before he died in the line of cave duty!

So, a real snake makes its way onto the set, and like a bunch of stupid kids, they just head for the hills! After all, this is supposed to be a comedy!

At least I didn't have to make this for them!.. Tune in tomorrow for something Eegah!! will have for us, here, at The Dungeon!..


Bob Johns said...

That's awesome!

KD said...

More fun than a barrel of MIGHTY GORGAs! ;)

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Monster Music
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