Wednesday, January 1, 2020

THE CANADIAN CONSPIRACY - "You Better Watch Out" (1985)

2020, Say What!?
Seems like there's still a lot of unfinished business from the past, like was there ever a followup to the Canadian Conspiracy from 1985, or has it all just been swept under the rug and forgotten about?
That's what I'm talking about!

"The Canadian Conspiracy" was a TV movie Mockumentary that accuses Canada of trying to influence the culture in America via entertainment, which of course all the people involved deny, but when you see the roster of talent that left Canada to come to America, you might just agree, and it will sure make you wonder!
When I think Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is anything but funny, but this conspiracy theory has really got me thinking about changing my mind!
Martin Short is a good example!

These foreigners like Ivan Reitman have been influencing the American entertainment industry for years, and this film was made 35 years ago. It's pretty obvious that the Canadians are running the whole show by now. Just in case you don't know who Ivan Reitman is, he's the guy who produced freakin' "Ghostbusters," a movie believed by some to be THE best movie of all time!

It wasn't some kind of trick that Doug Henning, one of the most popular magicians ever, was also a Canadian!

Dave Thomas aka Doug MacKenzie denies anything to do with the conspiracy!
Reverse psychology says complete denial of lies equals truth!

Fellow Canadian Eugene Levy is 'The Whistleblower." It would have ruined his career, but since nobody was willing to admit anything, like even knowing who he was, it just became a sham.

I've still got David Steinberg's first album! How do you think that makes me feel? 
Manipulated would be a good suggestion!

The conspiracy theory claims that even the most American show of all time, "Hee Haw" was actually sinfully produced by a Canadian company! 
The nerve!

Watching this film opened my mind a lot, because I didn't realize that All-American guys like Leslie Nielsen were actually Canadians!

Tommy Chong is a Canadian? 
How is that like even possible?

Are you starting to get a grasp on what's going on here?
I've heard rumours that there might be an underground tunnel all the way from Vancouver to Hollywood which would explain a lot!

So now you're going to try and tell me that the guy who traveled across the old west with Hoss, Adam, and Little Joe for freakin' 430 episodes of "Bonanza" was actually a Canadian?

And another 630 episodes of "Saturday Night Live" for this guy? Shouldn't somebody have figgered this out some time ago, since nobody except weridos, in America name their kid Lorne!
The signs were all there, we just refused to see them!

Everybody loves William Shatner, and rightfully so, but you always knew there was something strange about him. Well, now you know, he's Canadian!

Some things they say are just not believable, like that John Candy is Canadian, C'mon, that's like saying that Spinal Tap isn't a real band!
Makes you kind of wonder who they think they're fooling!

I'm almost positive that Donald Sutherland is really English, and that he was forced to renounce his citizenship, and claim that he was Canadian by some nefarious group!

Some of this stuff is just unbelievable, and I don't have time to look up all the facts, but I'm almost certain that Dan Aykoyd is from Cleveland or Minneapolis, but not Canada, because that just wouldn't be right!

Howie Mandel is one who is obviously a Canadian plant, and is still influencing our daily lives as a judge on that show called "America's Got Talent."
Just shows you how deep this well of manipulation really is!

I almost lost consciousness when I found out that Fay Wray, the scream queen of the silver screen in 1933 was actually Canadian. Not once when you saw her in "King Kong's" palm, did you ever think that she was Canadian!
Are you starting you see how long this has been going on, right underneath our noses?

Margot Kidder aka Lois Lane was also of Canadian citizenship.

And if none of that convinces you that the Canadians have been running the show for quite some time now, then believe this, "Trivial Pursuit," a game that has been eroding the minds of innocent Americans since 1979 is also a product of Canada!


KD said...

Nielsen told me that he was from the Northwest Territory of Canada, and that his dad was a Mountie! Howboutdat!? :)

EEGAH!! said...

Proves it's all true!

Grant said...

The first one I can think of who's not on this list is Joni Mitchell.

EEGAH!! said...

I got lazy and didn't mention all the musicians referenced in the movie like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, RUSH, and BTO, but they were all in there.

Randall Landers said...

Isn't it interesting that Leslie Neilsen was the precursor to William Shatner. Co-incidence? I think not!

KD said...

@Randall...I brought that up with Nielsen when I was talking to him, that he was the captain of a ship very much like the Federation Enterprise, and that when they were casting Star Trek, they could have just as well had Nielsen audition for the role as well. OMG, Mr. Neilsen reacted somewhat angrily and said that "Bill Shatner made a fine captain!" on the show. Well, seeing how angry he was, I said of course, of course, I was sorry, but I was simply mentioning a coincidence and a possibility...but seeing that I touched a sore spot, I quickly changed the subject. :( But we covered a heck of a lot of material, TV shows and movies in our interview, so I hope it was forgotten!

That took place in May 1980 or 1981, on the soundstage planet landscape set for the movie THE CREATURE WASN'T NICE, aka SPACESHIP aka NAKED SPACE...

Grant said...

I've certainly never met anyone who's interviewed Leslie Nielsen. Now I can't help wondering whether he played any of his famous practical jokes on you.

Randall Landers said...

I love "I want to eat your would taste so it sits in my tummy." Fond memories of a diverse career. :)

KD said...

Hey Grant, the interview tape (if it still exists) must have at least a few dozen of his er, practical jokes.

Randall, I also met Lee Cole on that set, if you recall she was the graphic designer for ST:TMP, as well as the movies and series since then, in the 80s and 90s. I commented to her that I used some of her graphics from the TMP sticker book in one of my short films, and her response was "You're not the only one."

Best part of the stage visit was seeing the corridor and other ship interior sets, and the ship's tiny cockpit set. The only set that was really impressive "in person" though, was the huge planet landscape cyclorama. The planet surface was bags and bags of kitty litter!

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