Wednesday, January 22, 2020

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR - "Visitor From The Grave" (1980)

It's a "Why Did It Take So Long Wednesday" in The Dungeon, and the feature is a British anthology of horror TV show called "Hammer House Of Horror."

"Hammer House Of Horror" was only on for one season in 1980. There were thirteen episodes, and it never aired in the United States to my knowledge.
"Visitor From The Grave" was the eleventh episode, and is a story about a guy who just refuses to stay dead!

There are basically only five characters in  this story, and it could easily be produced as a stage play! 
It starts off immediately with this woman who is home alone in the country seeing a shadowy figure outside her window.

Next thing you know he's in the house ranting and raving that her husband owes him!
Wouldn't this make a terrific painting?

In a panic, the woman shoots him in the face with a shotgun after he starts to molest her!

The man runs off into the woods, and later the woman's husband comes home.
She's a wreck. She's already strung out on some kind of medication, and when mixed with alcohol, well, anything  can happen!

She tells him the whole sordid story!
The woman is named Penny, and is played by Kathryn Leigh Scott. Among other things, Kathryn was Maggie Evans on 309 episodes of "Dark Shadows," and in her next film, she will be playing Mamie Eisenhower.

The very concerned husband is named Harry. 
Harry was played by Simon (Manimal) MacCorkindale.

Not far from the house, they find the body, and Harry decides to bury it on the spot!
Penny is busy freaking out!

Now it's time to clean up the blood. Even though it was an accident, Harry doesn't want to notify the authorities for numerous reasons! He also drives the man's car into the lake to hide it .

Penny keeps having nightmares about the whole situation!

 With the same predictable results!

A policeman shows up to ask some questions!
Now that is a police car that could strike fear into the heart of evildoers everywhere!

Harry and Penny go to a party! At the party they run into Margaret who can read Tarot cards, and offers to help ease Penny's troubled mind! Margaret was played by Mia (Orson Welle's Great Mysteries) Nadasi.
(The party is the only time that more than the five main cast members are in the scene.)

A guy who sure looks like the dead man shows up at the party!

Is this your card?
Tarot card XV is 'Le Diable', The Devil!!

Oh, this bastard will just not go away!

More pills and more booze aren't making it any easier f or poor Penny!

Finally, Harry can't take it any more, and he goes and digs up the grave to prove the guy is still in there! 
Good sport Stanley (Flash Gordon, Superman IV) Leber had the role of the dead man.

When that doesn't work, Margaret tells Penny about this Guru she knows of, but he's gone back to India, because his financial plans in America fell through. She contacts him, and he agrees to come and help for $150,000.00 which Penny says she will gladly pay to get this dead monkey off her back!
Veteran British television actor Gareth (Zigger Zagger) Thomas has this role, and he played the cop that came to their house too.

As I was writing this, I found out that all thirteen episodes of "Hammer House Of Horror" stream for free on Amazon Prime, so that means I'll be watching the rest of them some time real soon too!

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