Wednesday, October 2, 2019

FELIX THE CAT - "Skulls And Sculls" (1930)

 SOoooooo.......Let's get this Countdown To Halloween 2019 off to a very scary start!

 There's probably not a bigger scaredy cat in history than Mr. Felix The Cat.
"Skulls And Sculls" was made in 1930, so don't expect any fancy stuff, just lots of thrills and chills!

 They don't really tell you what's going on at first, they just start of with the menacing stuff!

 Felix is frightened and wants out!

 He's blindfolded and sent down these stairs. Now that's a good way to break your neck if you ask me! Kids! Don't try this at home!!

 Next thing is he's confronted by this large and ominous creature!

 This scary monster looks like a cross between a cat and a catfish!

 Then the ghosts start chasing him!

 Then he ends up here! Where? There!

 Next he's stuck in a scene straight out of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum!"

 Aw, it wasn't a pendulum at all, it was just a hanging lamp!

 What a maroon! Now he's a laughing stock!

The cover of this 1999 comic looks just about perfect for this Countdown!

 Then I really don't know what happens, I guess the whole point of the cartoon was just the title and it's play on words "Skulls And Sculls."

 Because Felix is then rushed off to be in this big boat race!

 And he's the cat calling out the cadence! Hell, I don't know, it's a cartoon made in 1930! Is it really supposed to make sense?

This 1946 "Four Color" comic featured Felix in the Haunted Castle!

"Skulls And Sculls" can be found on YouTube for your viewing scariness along with this other hair-raisng Felix The Cat cartoon from 1927 called "Switches Witches!!"
Try and not get too scared, we have got a whole month of this still left to go!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Had a Felix storybook when I was a kid, was a fan of his for awhile. How long until we get a computer generated Felix film?

EEGAH!! said...

I'm sure it must be in the works Joe!

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