Wednesday, October 16, 2019

TRICK OR TREAT - "The Ultimate Comeback" (1986)

Time sure is flying by and this year's Countdown To Halloween is already half over, so let's kick it into high gear with some Wednesday Weirdness, and another 80's rockin' nightmare!

This one is called "Trick Or Treat" and it escaped from the mental institution in 1986!

Tony Fields is a Heavy Metal singer named Sammi Curr! Sammi has died before he got a chance to play one final gig at his high school alma mater, and his latest record is possessed by the Devil!

 Other than that, this is just another family oriented Halloween movie!


 For all you headbangers, probably the best thing about this movie is the fairly short appearances of Gene Simmons, and...........

 ...........Ozzy Osbourne!

 The basic premise is that the demon soul of Sammi Curr is embedded in this record, and when played, literally all Hell breaks loose. The same thing happens if taped recordings of the disc are played!

 Not nearly as demonic but equally disturbing is this "Do It Like A Dog" album!

Stand-Up comedian and comedy show Producer Marc Price is the misfit kid who has to try and save the world! Marc was Skippy on the TV show "Family Ties" for 51 episodes!

 This girl is raped by the demon monster when she grooves out on her Walkman to a copy of the insidious vicious record!

 The kid destroys his stereo and the record, but then he remembers there's a tape!

 I like how nothing has to make sense! This cranky old lady gets yanked out of the TV and turned into toast, a power I believe we all deserve to have!

This is not the way to get the best out of your band members, but it's a cool shot!

 This is the definative 1980's Rock n' Roll shot!

Although he has the swagger of a rock star, Tony Fields was actually a dancer who was in many music videos, and was one of the "Solid Gold" dancers on TV for five years. Tony died from AIDS related cancer in 1995 at the age of only 36!

Once completely resurrected, he has the power to zap audience members with electric rays from a guitar! 

There are no rules, and anything goes in this 98 minute time limit grudge match with no referee and no holds barred!

 Oops!! Party's over!! Outta time!

This is a pretty cool publicity still featuring Tony, Ozzy, and Gene!

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