Friday, October 4, 2019

SPOOKS / An MGM 'Flip The Frog' Cartoon - 1932

Welcome to another Halloween Countdown treat for us... It's a toon from 1932 and stars good old Flip The Frog. This time he has a ghastly encounter with some skeletons in a haunted house! You gotta love those vintage cartoons, they really are something special, and that's why we're doing this one again!

Welp, it all starts when Flip and his trusty steed are out one dark and stormy night. After a while, Flip sees a creepy old house, it seems like the only available sanctuary.

Once inside the place, he's greeted by a skeleton butler, like, what the?!

Then, a skeleton with a top hat asks Flip to join him for supper. He obliges the host, but, what the heck kind of meal is this anyway?!

All of a sudden, the Skeleton Three break into some swinging tunes, and a female skeleton has her eye on Flip! They dance to the beat and make some crazy moves... It's kinda weird what they do to indicate a woman skeleton, a see through boob area and a dress!

Anyway, Flip leaps into her arms and she breaks into a bunch of pieces!

Meanwhile, the top hat cat has some plans for Flip's bones, he needs his skeleton to fill an empty trophy case in his creepy man cave!! Dude's into bones!

And wouldn't you know it, it's... "Time for go to bed!" *Quote from Lobo ~

So, Flip gets changed and goes into a special bedroom for him, only to get socked around!

Then he finds himself in dire straights... I mean, check it out, the mad skull's going to slice the flesh offa Flip, while he just lays there! Boy, it's a relief that people know the difference between fact and comedy! Anyway, Flip flips his table while the skeleton's back is turned and tries to escape...

Flip rides the table all the way out the front door and onto his waiting horse. He thumbs his nose to the old house as he rides away.

But when he turns back around, his horsie is a skeleton too! Flip hightails it off into the sunrise, to get as far away as possible!

We're back tomorrow with even more Halloween Countdown, see you then!..


KD said...

Love the look of the early cartoon animation, especially the black and white stuff.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Finding some really obscure things I haven't ever heard of! Awesome!

TABONGA! said...

Hey K and CJ - You know it, I watched thousands of old cartoons starting in the early fifties on TV, what a time that was for kids!

KD said...

Hey G, Just as soon as I mention how much I love the old black and white stuff, along comes an entry on SPACE ANGEL, the first sci-fi cartoon that I went bonkers over! I was probably 7 or 8 at the time, and it was one of my first intros to the genre. And WOW! that far-out spacey library music!!!

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