Monday, October 14, 2019

A HAUNTING WE WILL GO / A Walter Lantz Color Cartoon with 'Lil' Eightball' - 1939

It seems like we're into cartoons this here Halloween Countdown, so, here's Walter Lantz's introduction of his new character, Lil' Eightball. In the story, we find the little guy going to bed in a small cabin, then being visited by a baby ghost. He tells the little ghost that he's not afraid of anything, so, he's transported to the old haunted mill, where the adult ghosts hang out. They run Lil' Eightball through all the standard ghost tests, and, while he's shaken, he still won't admit to being scared.

Mel Blanc does the voice of Lil' Eightball, Billy Bletcher does the voices of the Ghosts, Candy Candido does the voice of Papa Ghost and Bernice Hansen does the voice of the Baby Ghost. What a lineup!

Ahhh, the old haunted mill, looks like a place I'd like to live. It's called... Atmosphere!

Well, Baby Ghost is out testing it's transforming abilities, like, rubbery man! The owl is not impressed until Ghostie changes back to a baby and sez... BOO!! Then it skedaddles away.

Baby Ghost finds someone sleeping in their bad and calls them out... Well, it's Lil' Eightball, and he informs the intruder that he ain't afraid of no ghosts! Actually, our little pal is a well spoken and very informed cat.

So, Baby G grabs Little E and they fly away to the old haunted mill...

Where, Lil' Eightball meets Papa Ghost and his pals. He tells them he's still not afraid and they start pulling some pranks on him...

Then, in a weird, surreal scene, he's attacked by sinister car headlights that come at him from every direction. After he deems them harmless, he taken for a freakin' insane ride in a souped-up invisible hot rod!

Our little trooper decides to hide in a room, but, the ghosts shrink it down with him inside!

This ghost pops out of a coo-coo clock, shocking Lil' E a bit...

He thinks he's safe in this room, but when he steps on the window lighting on the floor, well, he falls through where the ghosts are waiting for him. They try every trick in the book to get to the little guy.

He ends up on a carpet of ghosts roller coaster ride accompanied by lightning strikes!!

Lil' Eightball has had enough and he high tails it the Hell out of there! And, the ghosts get the last laugh! So, like, join us again on Wednesday where we'll have another creepy Halloween Countdown Surprise for whoever shows up!..


Bob Johns said...

I remember this I'm sure it was played on Ray Ranner on WGN when I was a child. I wonder if I can still dig it up today.

Mickey Bitsko said...

WTF? Nice artwork though.

TABONGA! said...

Yeah, found this one on The Woody Woodpecker And Friends Classic Cartoon Collection Vol. 2, lots of great tunes from the Walter Lantz studio on both 3 disc sets ~

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