Saturday, October 19, 2019

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE - "Halloween Candy" (1985)

 This Saturday Night Special Countdown To Halloween feature is from the TV series "Tales From The Darkside" in 1985.

 "Halloween Candy" is a tale about what can happen to you if you're a grumpy, uptight old shit!

 This sign by the front door gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of person lives in this house!
He should have also added "No Trick or Treaters" to the list!

 Roy (Experiment In Terror) Poole is Mr. Killup and he ain't happy bout nothing! You might as well call him "Mean Mr. Mustard" or Mr. Killjoy! He's not a nice person, and he's known in the neighborhood as a grumpy old fart who never gives out candy at Halloween! His son Michael is trying his best to convince him to be a better person and has brought him some candy to give out to the kiddies this year! Michael is played by Tim (Babylon 5) Choate! Poor Tim died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 49 as he was headed to a rehearsal for "Macbeth" in 2004!

 Michael has to go to work, so he leaves his Dad alone to give out the candy he brought, but Mr. Killup is not having anything to do with it. He hates kids, and he hates Halloween, and nothing is going to change that, so it seems.

  The trick or treaters come one by one, and Mr. Killup is not nice to any of them, so it's no surprise when this rabbit pulls out a can of spray paint, but Mr. Killup stops him before he can do any damage!

 All the kid's costumes are great!

 Mr. Killup is not just mean, he's vile and evil! 
(It's weird how those two words are the same but different!)

 He mixes up a batch of honey, Elmer's glue, and mayonnaise, and dumps it all over the candy before pouring it in this kid's bag! Yecch!

Well, that has gone on long enough!

 The next trick or treater seems a little different, if you know what I mean!

 Mr. Killup is so caught up in his own bullshit that he really doesn't even notice how very strange this kid is!

 Gross stuff starts happening that includes a lot of large cockroaches!

 There's not a lot of funny going on here!

 Even more bugs!!

 Now you've gone and done it Mr. Killup!

 You can run......

 ......But you can't hide!

 Michael comes back the next day only to find the unsightly horror of what used to be his Father!

The big treat is that the trick's on Michael, and he is in big trouble for neglect since it appears to the authorities that his Father has starved to death, and had only been subsiding on Halloween candy!
So, all you tightwads, don't be a Mr. Killup this year or the same thing just might happen to you!


KD said...

Cockroaches all over the kitchen stove looks too much like a photo taken in the apartment of a special effects makeup guy I once knew...

EEGAH!! said...


KD said...

I spent most of my first weeks' pay buying cleaning supplies to make his rat's nest of an apartment livable, since my pay to work on the crew wasn't enough to get my own motel room. So he was like, "Hey! You can sleep on my couch!" and that's when I noticed the scary condition of the couch, and the rest of his apartment. I should have quit and driven home ASAP, but I took the job before I knew what a mess his place was. Anything for the art of film, right?

EEGAH!! said...


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