Wednesday, September 4, 2019

SUPERMAN in THE MUMMY STRIKES - "My Mummy Done Told Me" (1943)

Okay, it's Mummies, Mummies, Mummies on this Weird Wednesday in The Dungeon!
So get ready for "The Mummy Strikes."

The title was liked well enough that DC brought out this comic in 1987 called "The Mummy Strikes!"

"The Mummy Strikes" was made in 1943, and is only a little over eight minutes long, and I'm sure you can find it some place on the internet to watch for free if you so desire!

I saw this, and all I could think of was Hurricane Dorian!
It would probably be a good time to donate to the Red Cross!

Any cartoon that starts off like this is almost guaranteed to be a laugh fest!

There's a short story here, but mostly this is about imagery!

If Mothers are sometimes call Mummy, shouldn't Dads be called Dummy?

Clark Kent pushes the release, and then this thing fires a power ball and charges up the five Mummies protecting the tomb of their boy King!

This is the first Mummy to snap out of it, and he seems pretty irritated by the whole scene!

 He snaps his bandages off, and starts taking it out on Clark Kent!

Superman shows up, and there's a bit of a tussle. There was a lot of bravado, but the Mummies are no match for the Man Of Steel, and he disposes of them very quickly!

Lois Lane gets scared, and actually injures her arms to the point where she can't go back to The Daily Planet and write the article, so Clark Kent gets the scoop!

As far as more Mummy action in the comics, for a little over a hundred bucks, you can get a copy of this issue of "Action Comics" from 1967, and it's Mummy story called "The Face Of Fear."

This 1965 Superboy Comic #123 has a story in it called "The Curse Of The Superman Mummy!"

I'm thinking in 1963, that they might have just gone a little too far with Batman and Robin as the "Mummy Crime-Fighters!"
With all this Mummy Madness, I'm surprised there's not a story about a Mummy baseball player called "The Mummy Strikes Out!"
I'll be back on Saturday with more useless and monotonous Mummy information, so try and stay out of trouble until then!


KD said...

Great stuff, dudes! I used to have most of the early '60s DC, Marvel, Charlton and Gold Key comics. I started collecting comics around 1960-62, up to the late '60s when they became 'relevant' and to me, boring. Nowadays, my favorite comics only exist in my memories, and in some hardcover reprint editions.

BTW, my favorite mummy movie was PHAROAH'S CURSE, a bit of an oddball in this sub-genre, but I'll always remember that big door swinging up and the freaky guy in 'striped pajamas' lumbering through it... I guess I should watch that one again, huh? Somebody on eBay was selling an original copy of the screenplay from it for $200, and I almost bit....but I missed it. Kick me!

EEGAH!! said...

Actually, it was the "Pharaoh's Curse" that kind of rekindled this Mummy fever. It streams on Prime! That one is indeed just weird, but there's more, not necessarily better, just more to come.

KD said...

Aha! I missed that, as I was in 'pre-production hell' on my film in July. In fact, I'm still there, but getting closer to actual production every day...

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