Wednesday, September 25, 2019

ULTRAMAN - "Cry Of The Mummy" (1966)

This week it's a Miira No Sakebî Wednesday in The Dungeon, aka "Ultraman - Cry Of The Mummy."............

.......So do whatever you have to do to relax, because this might be a bit difficult to fathom, even though it happened over 50 years ago!

Dodongo is also one of the bosses in The Legend Of Zelda video game, a reptilian monster usually found in caves and volcanic environments.
Gee, I wonder where they got that idea from! 

This artwork is pretty cool!

After unearthing this Mummy, one of the guys says something like, "So this is what humans looked like 7000 years ago?"

The scientist geniuses shoot the Mummy full of electricity, which turns out to not be such a good idea!

Sometimes you just gotta wonder why they need sub-titles!
 This shot, and ................

 ............This shot, just scream Universal Horror to me!!

Mummy gonna get you!

 How Cool! The Science Patrol guys drive a Corvair!

Oh, Boy! This ain't some normal Mummy stumbling around, this guy has got some extra zap power to worry about!

They put the Mummy out of commission, but that causes this Dodongo character to bust out of the side of a mountain! I hope I don't hurt anybody's feelings, but this is a seriously goofy looking monster!

I like this shot a lot!

The Science Patrol tries the quadruple zap theory!

They disposed of the Mummy easily enough, but dealing with a big monster like Dodongo means they need to summon Ultraman onto the scene!

Ultraman and Dodongo duke it out, and that's what the rest of the show is, a Japanese version of the Hokey Pokey! That's what it's all about!


Ralphie Bitsko said...

Wow dude, you totally hurt my feelings to the core, I think Dodongo looks pretty damn cool, how dare you call him goofy looking, he has a freakin' degree in rocket surgery!... Jerk!

Randall Landers said...

Ultraman is far beyond cool!

Anonymous said...

Ultraman, Ultraman, here he comes from the sky! Ultraman, Ultraman- see our hero fly! From a superjet he comes from a million miles away, from a distant planet comes our hero, Ultraman!

EEGAH!! said...

Yay! Ultraman fans!!

Grant said...

This is the only version of ULTRAMAN I know, but I've always liked it a lot.
When it comes to this one, I always like the way it makes "tragic" characters out of the mummy and the other one. And it's about the only time I know of that a monster movie or show has something like a "griffin."

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