Monday, September 16, 2019

LA MANSION DE LAS 7 MOMIAS / The Mummies Are Coming! The Mummies Are Coming!! - 1977

Do you know what we say around here, at The Dungeon? One good mummy deserves another!! So, in today's wild 'n' weird tale from Guatemala, it goes like this... After the passing of her father, a woman finds that his death may have been connected to a devilish pact, enacting a curse on a treasure and a group of zombified mummies! Sounds good so far, anyway, she sends for her friends Blue Demon and Superzan to help put an end to the insanity!

Our hero Blue Demon ended up with 27 acting credits in movies like BLUE DEMON vs. THE SATANIC POWER, my fave HELLISH SPIDERS, THE SHADOW OF THE BAT, SANTO AND BLUE DEMON AGAINST THE MONSTERS, LAND OF THE DEAD, THE CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE and THE BEASTS OF TERROR. Superzan had only 7 acting credits, starting with SUPERZAN THE INVINCIBLE.

We start with this crippled little hunchback dude with bad teeth creeping around, hiding behind bushes and the such. Wonder what he's up to...

And yes, there's a devil in this thing, he likes to bring mummies back to life!

Hey, here's Blue Demon with his many fans, what a guy!!

This is something I wouldn't want to see out my window!!.. What the Hell?!!

Here's our little hunchback catching a glimpse of four mummies carrying some guy down the street in the middle of the night.

Holy crap, it's Easter in Guatemala! What a freaking cool shot of our muscle bound heroes in their duds, toddling some tea!! Man, talk about a classic seventies scene.

Now in their official wrasslin' attire, Blue Demon and Superzan kick a big pile of mummy butt...

It's always creepy to see mummies coming out of the depths of a swampy pool of water!

Back at the ranch, I guess the King and Queen of the Mummies are running the show.

And, something dubious is about to happen to our heroes' gal pal...

Love this shot, even though dude has a head lock on Blue Demon, our mighty hero is still able to punch a mummy in the mush, knocking him out of the scene!

To get to the cellar, Blue Demon simply kicks a hole in the brick wall from the outside!! So, who needs a stupid sledge hammer anyway?

Our little hunchback pal has something going on with the devil, he has to hold up an iron gate with spikes to prevent it from falling onto him. The devil just laughs...

But, checkmate!! The cross causes the devil to to recede away from the place, making for the end of the mummy plague!

The good guys show up to an unhappy scene, our brave little buddy has lifted the curse and wants to die rather than live with his many deformities...

A ton of treasure is returned to the rightful owner, bringing our tale to a somewhat happy ending. See you again Wednesday as we continue down the old dusty Dungeon Trail...



Muff Diver said...

Yay, for kicked Mummy butts!

RIP, Ric Ocasek!

TABONGA! said...

You said it M D - thanks for checking in, we love it when you's guys leave us comments, here, at The Dungeon!

KD said...

Almost looks like the kind of film you'd get if Andy Milligan had made a Luchador movie.

Bob Johns said...

Oh man this looks like a ton of fun!

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