Saturday, September 21, 2019


Welcome back to The Saturday Night Special Mummy Madness Cavalcade in The Dungeon!

 This was Season 03, Episode 20 of "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea," and  for obvious reasons, it was called
"The Mummy."

 The basic premise is they need to deliver this Mummy-filled sarcophagus back to somewhere in the Middle East ASAP to avert a War! 
But the Mummy has other ideas!

 No Master, no burning Tanna leaves, this Mummy is an independent contractor! I'm not quite sure why he wants to spoil this party, that element was never quite explained! He's just on a destructive tear, and is Hellbent on not getting delivered to back where he came from! Maybe he's a wanted man!

 Looking pretty cool right about here, William Kelley is the man behind the bandages!
What an interesting guy! William had only five acting credits, including this one, and in the 40's, he was the man in the skeleton costume in two "Three Stooges" episodes, and he was also the man who played The Ghost in William Castle's "13 Ghosts!"

 It still looks pretty silly to see a Mummy aboard the Seaview! In this scene, he's looking for the latrine!

 So just like Vampires, writers make up their own set of rules when writing Mummy stories!

 This Mummy is really strong, and these two guys are complete idiots for trying to grapple with it. I love this shot because the guy in the back looks like he's getting a face full of something!

 That didn't work out too well!

 One of this Mummy's powers is making guys he fought with totally forget what happened! I have no idea how or why he has this power, but he does!

 He has also taken over the Captain's will somehow too, and while the Mummy is rummaging and rampaging around, the Captain is doing all kinds of destruction to the Seaview too, but nobody knows who is doing it!

 This part's cute! 
The Mummy is hiding from Kowalski like in a kid's game of hide and seek, but he's not very good at it, because he's a freakin' Mummy!

 When the Mummy attacks, Kowalski pushes the panic button, and finally gets somebody's attention!

 The Captain destroyed the circuit board and the Seaview is headed into a nosedive.
Now the sub is damaged inside and out, and there's a Mummy on the loose causing all kinds of havoc!

  After each encounter with the Mummy, somebody tries to shoot it to no avail, so the Admiral comes up with a plan to nuke it!

The Mummy has now sustained a fair amount of damage and ain't looking that suave and debonair any more!

 You can't shoot it, but you can shock the Hell out of it! Go figure!
I guess if there's nothing left but Mummy Chicharonnes, he can't do much more harm to anybody!

 "Oh Wow, did you see that? Big tough Mummy burnt up like a little bitch!"

"There are some things that are better left unexplained."
And you can take that to the bank!


KD said...

Not exactly their finest hour, but it was better than the endless episodes with giant monsters in decorated wet suits shaking the Seaview model back and forth in the water tank on the Fox lot. On the other hand, this is another one with a guy in lumpy pajamas lurking the corridors...

EEGAH!! said...

I knew you'd like it!

KD said...

Heck, yeah! So what about the obscure 'mummy and the jackals' movie or whatever it was...ever hear of it? That should 'wrap up' the mummy binge for good, before the dungeon gets 'wrapped up' again...with a mutiny on its hands! ;)

EEGAH!! said...

I think that was what turned out to just be some amateur horror hosts called The Mummy and the Monkey, but I still have a couple more to finish off the month with!

Randall Landers said...

The real mystery is how they kept making episodes like this!

KD said...

And how the heck Irwin Allen had three shows in production at the same time!

KD said...

Oh, and...bring on more of dat mummy stuff! :D

EEGAH!! said...

It's on the way!

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