Monday, September 3, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Hundred Days Of The Dragon / Season 1 Episode 2 - 1963

During the presidential campaign in the USA, the candidate William Lyons Selby is projected to be the probable winner. Asian dictator Li-Chin Sung has his scientists develop a technique to shape the face and the fingerprints of any man. Selby is murdered and replaced by a skilled spy, he wins the election and the impostor becomes the American President! Li-Chin Sung plots to replace others prominent American leaders by infiltrating Asian spies to take over America.

This classic episode stars Sidney Blackmer as William Lyons Selby, Phillip Pine as Ted Pearson, Mark Roberts as Bob Conner, Aki Aleong as Dr. Sui-Lin, Richard Loo as Li-Chin Sung and Joan Camden as Ann Pearson.

Somewhere in Asia, Dr. Sui-Lin has invented a way for a human to change his appearance and even change his fingerprints. But, for what purpose?..

Well, maybe to impersonate an American presidential candidate, namely, William Selby. The trial run on the face press yields a positive result on his plant.

Selby and his VP running mate, Ted Pearson, are ahead in the polls and are projected to win the election...

So, it's time to use the old face press again!

The impersonator breaks into Selby's home and finds the candidate in his bedroom. After killing Selby, the impersonator gets his fingerprints, the job is done.

So, Selby and Pearson win the election and move into the White House, Li-Chin Sung now has his man in a position to do his bidding. Ted notices that something isn't quite right with the president...

Then, Ted is attacked in his home, he's next on Li-Chin Sung's list. Ted tells his friend Bob that the person looked exactly like him so they do some research and find out that Russia has been working on appearance changing technology!

After another attempt is made to replace Ted, the plot fails and the impersonator is captured and brought to a White House event to confront Selby.

Officials take Selby into custody and Ted has something to show everyone...

Ted then shoots Selby up with the altering drug.

He shows the people there how a face becomes putty before using a face press to mold the looks of an impostor. The crowd reacts in horror!

Ted Pearson is now president and has saved America from the foreign adversaries... Hooray!! Okay then, that's it, tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! returns from the void!


Randall Landers said...

Okay, I gotta admit this is one of the few EVIL TWIN premises that I actually liked! Phillip Pine shows himself to be a better actor than I'd ever given him credit before. Nicely done.

Grant said...

I'm not sure if I know him from anything else except another OUTER LIMITS ("Expanding Human"), but I always like the actor Aki Aleong at the beginning. When he demonstrates the invention to the Premier, he acts just like he's doing an info-mercial, with the same kind of enthusiasm.

Ivanna said...

Interesting classical movie and revolting at the same time.
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EEGAHH!! said...

I only ever knew Aki Aleong as a Hawaiian Surf musician! Interesting.

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