Saturday, December 30, 2017

IMPACT - "Wanted By Two Women! One For Love! One For Murder!" (1949)

Welcome to the last 2017 Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon! I wanted to get out of here with a movie that had some impact, so I chose.....


 "The force with which two lives can come together, sometimes for evil, sometimes for good!"

Quatermass himself, Brian Donlevy is Walter Williams, a wrench turner turned big shot in a San Francisco corporation!

 He loves his wife dearly, but she is a ruthless and hateful two-faced bitch as played by Helen (Nightmare Alley) Walker!

 How often do you get to see two greats like Brian Donlevy and Thomas Browne Henry in a scene together? This was only Thomas Browne Henry's sixth film appearance and quite a few years before his awesome run of movies that included "Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers," "20 Million Miles To Earth," "Beginning Of The End," "The Brain From Planet Arous," "Blood Of Dracula," etc. etc.

 This scene of real San Francisco looks like a fake backdrop!

 The 1947 Packard Roadster convertible was a sight to behold!

 Am I going to pass on a shot of Brian Donlevy and a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign? No Way!

 Walter Williams' wife has a boyfriend!!

 These four shots lay out the basic premise of the story except for a couple of small details like Walter Williams didn't die, and the lover did!

Charles (Heaven Can Wait) Coburn is great as the police detective! Charles didn't start his big screen career until he was sixty, and from what I've read, would be in big trouble today, because this lovable olde galoot had a well-known penchant for pinching the bottoms of ladies of all ages!!

 Going somewhere lady??

 The lovely Ella (Phantom Lady, Brute Force) Raines is the proprietor of a gas station in a small town in Idaho where the wandering dead man Walter Williams shows up!

 They should have made this into a Coca-Cola ad!

24 cents a gallon for gas, and that included six cents tax!

 Not too unlike talk radio today, this was the face of radio in 1949!
Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham played herself!

 That's a damn fine lookin' volunteer fire truck!

 I'll leave you with this shot of the mysterious maid Su Lin Chung, as played by amazing Anna May-Wong, THE first Chinese-American movie star, and a story unto herself! See you next year!


KD said...

This is one of those noirs that I've always wanted to see. I think it's public domain, too.

PS: Yep, it's all over YouTube, with about a dozen uploads! Just type "impact 1949" into Google, and voila!

Marc Leslie Kagan said...

Hello, I have a small correction the photo with the caption that says, "San Francisco that looks like a blacklot" is actually Sausalito its their town square.

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