Wednesday, December 27, 2017

EARLY TO BET - "The Gambling Bug" (1951)

Tonight's short feature in The Dungeon is a 1951 cartoon titled "Early To Bet!"

The main character is a little guy called the Gambling Bug!"
The Gambling Bug has a pretty cool pad. I especially like the betting window!

There are  a couple of examples of how people will bet on anything!

This poor sap hit a jackpot and still got ripped off!

The Gambling Bug is a rotten little louse that bites this cat that is otherwise minding it's own business!

The cat immediately gets the gambling fever and dashes off to play cards with the bulldog!

Of course he loses on the first hand!

And this is how he feels after that loss!

For losing, he has to spin the penalty wheel, which has numbered penalties with matching numbers on filing cards in a filing cabinet!

All the penalties have different names, and this one is call the Gesundheit, and as you can see, involves bubble gum and sneeze powder!

The ensuing results are fairly predictable!

The bug bites the cat a couple of more times, and more penalties like the William Tell happen!

In the end, the cat and the bug draw cards, and let's just say the bug loses badly!
You can bet on the fact that I'll be back with one more post on Saturday, and after that, it's Sayonara 2017! I don't know about you, but it was a pretty wild year for me!


Anonymous said...

Love these old cartoons...the only time I ever bet was when I went to Reno/Tahoe with my folks about 45+ years ago, and I went nuts with a handful of quarters and started yanking on the one-armed-bandits!

The first time it coughed a small fistful of quarters back at me, so a security guy stepped up right behind me, and asked my age!

Well, I had to be honest...I was like 15 at the time! He replied, "Son, you'll have to stop playing the machines right now!" Scary-looking guy, so what else could I do, but head for the lobby once I'd told my mom! And I haven't tried one of those things since! Not even lottery cards!

Playing it safe is seldom much fun, tho. :/

EEGAH!! said...

You're a wiser man than I KD!

KD said...

Oops! Yes, that was me using my "too lazy to log in with my initials" secret identity! I've been found out! OHMY, what shall I do?! ROFL! ;)

They recently built a new casino on the reservation, a mere five miles from our home, but if I do go there, it'll be for the FOOD! :D

EEGAH!! said...

It's funny! People like you are the ones who usually have all the luck! Happy New Year!

KD said...

And a Happy New Year back atcha, and to everyone else who haunts this fun site! And to think, I'm a relative newbie here what stumbled in by accident! ...that's good luck all by itself! Now if only I can remember to log in with my initials instead of as an "Anony-moose" movie nut! :D

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