Friday, December 1, 2017


It's Friday, so, must be time for some very attractive and valuable lobby cards from the 1930's, a fun time for horror movies back when...

THE CAT CREEPS from Universal Pictures did a lot of movies involving cats, black cats were always popular because of the stigma people had with superstition back then! People today are pretty much beyond all that crap, I mean like, what the Hell does it have to do with endlessly typing on a tiny little bitch keyboard, expressing your super important opinions?!!

Love this card for THE CAT AND THE CANARY. Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard star in the horror comedy from Paramount Studios, I can't say the I've seen this one... I'm sure it's a hoot though!

Warner Bros. produced DOCTOR X, one super wild flick in freakin' color, man, it kicks ass!! This poster is a different kind of style than most, almost looks clinical.

Bela uses his big ape to exact revenge and cause mayhem in MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE from Universal. His mad lab also serves as a creepy dungeon!

Wow, nice card for Universal's DRACULA'S DAUGHTER. That green skin is spooky, but, this is a pretty tame movie, not a favorite, too much drama!

Karloff The Uncanny stars as THE MUMMY, the first in a string of mummy movies from Universal. This poster is pretty interesting, especially the green mummy and reclining scantily clad beauty at the bottom!

Boris is back in THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG from Columbia Pictures, I remember seeing this one back in the fifties on TV, but alas, it was very... BORING!! Great poster though!

Universal's WEREWOLF OF LONDON is a really weird movie, and, entertaining as Hell... What a great lobby card, man, you get an eye full of horror!

Love this WHITE ZOMBIE card from United Artists, the colors and composition make for an eloquent collectible, Bela stars as a zombie master in Haiti... What I learned from this post is that I wish I had a ton of $$$ to invest in some of these beautiful posters! Well, we're back tomorrow with another installment from The Dungeon!!

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KD said...

Once upon a time, I had a friend (fiend?) who was so nuts about DOCTOR X that every now and then, he'd punctuate conversations with a heartfelt "Synnthetticc flessshhh!" At least he got me to watch the movie, once he got it on VHS. Cool flick! RIP, John.

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