Friday, December 8, 2017


School's out early today! No homework over the weekend either! Just sit back and check out the great examples of box art for some Castle Films 8mm horror movies. Then, I have two examples of kitschy cool box art from Heritage Films...

My aunt had a nice collection of Castle films that we would watch with my cousins in the early fifties. Of course, she didn't have any horror movies, but had plenty of cartoons and comedy.

We'll start with FRANKENSTEIN, man, that red pops like a mofo, I'd bet that you'd pay a pretty penny to find one of these for sale in this condition! Although, that phrase, 'the man created monster' is a little confusing!

SON OF FRANKENSTEIN is another nice example, here, the greatest monster of all time comes to life again! Better run like Hell... Boris and Bela star together in this one!

Boris is back in THE MUMMY, striking box art that gets in your face!!..

I think this box art from THE MUMMY'S CURSE kicks A, that red orange background really brings it to life! Lon Chaney stars as the mummy this time, I think I like this one the best.

THE MUMMY'S TOMB is another great looking example of Castle Films box art, the image was pretty much taken from an original Universal poster.

Lon chews up the carpet in THE WOLFMAN, Tale Of The Werewolf! As far as I can remember, these mini movies were only about 7 minutes long...

Here's a super attractive box for HOUSE OF DRACULA, featuring a pile of great horror stars!

Here's HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Glenn Strange plays the monster, Boris plays the mad scientist! Check out the weird erotic composition, this one freaks me out a bit!

Here's a fun cover from ONE MILLION B.C., the perspective is goofy, but still an attractive box.

Another very fine piece, we move into the fifties with CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Man, Nestor Paiva sure played a lot of weird characters during his stint at Universal...

Wow, this is a super nice cover for FRANKENSTEIN 1970, or in this case, THE WRATH OF FRANKENSTEIN! Loved this movie when I saw it in 1958 at the theater...

Okay, now we check out this super kitsch Heritage Films box art for BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE! Looks like they brought in Mikey from the fifth grade to draw this one!

Mikey is back with his version of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, the art is just the worst, love it! So, tune in tomorrow for even more little early Xmas presents...


KD said...

My first 8mm home movie version of a Hollywood film was the 50 foot version of AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN/WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST. I had to beg a guy across the street to let me show it with his folks' projector, on a bedsheet hung on the cellar wall.

A decade later, I had a Super 8 print of the 1922 NOSFERATU that I ran in my apartment when I was attending film school. I ran that film to death (no pun)!

TC said...

Maybe the phrase was supposed to be, "the man-created monster"? Or, "the man who created a monster"?

Glenn Strange played Frankenstein's monster in House of Frankenstein, House of Dracula, and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. So he played the part in as many movies as Boris Karloff.

Karloff's obituary in the New York Times was illustrated with a photo of the monster, but the picture was actually of Strange.

Strange was also in a lot of westerns, and he may be best known as Sam the bartender on Gunsmoke.

The art for the Plan 9 From Outer Space box looks really cheesy, which seems appropriate.

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