Monday, December 18, 2017


There are seven days left 'til Christmas, so, here are seven Tabonga! Chuckles for you to have a few laffs slipping and sliding on some banana peels...

Now, I'll just let the monsters do all the yakking from here...

Okay then, there you have it, some monster laffs to count down the days 'til Christmas! Hope you enjoyed them, I like the eggnog joke the best. Tune in Wednesday for more X-Mas Cargo... Oh yeah, and, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

These remind me of some of those wacky monster magazines and bubblegum cards we used to have in the '60s! Funny pics and quotes! THANX!

MERRY XMAS TO ALL and as "Dra-coo-lah" sez, TO ALL A GOOD BITE! >8[~

Unknown said...

As stated above, very "You'll Die Laughing"-ish. Loved those and all "Creature Feature/Monster Laffs" style trading cards from Topps when I was a kid, still do! Oh, and I want bikini girl for Christmas, too! Merry Christmas, you ghouls!

Grant said...

The only one of those I had early on was Monster Madness # 3 by Marvel, but I'm very sentimental about that one.
(Evidently Monster Madness was so unsuccessful - though I don't see why - that it didn't make it to # 4, even though it was advertised with a cover and everything!)
Of course, the next best thing to that was always Famous Monster with its pun type captions.

KD said...

FAMOUS MONSTERS and SPACEMEN (and 4SJ's and other folks' zines) were the bomb! The best thing that ever came along for us kiddos growing up in the '60s! (Later on of course, it was Castle of Frankenstein, and after that, Cinefantastique.)

We were darn lucky kids to have all those great fun zines around to feed our cravings, along with our DC, Marvel, Gold Key (and especially for me, Charlton) comic books! MAKE MINE CHARLTON (and SPACEMEN)!

Oh, to be the kiddos, free of cynicism and guile again! :D

Anonymous said...

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