Saturday, August 26, 2017

DEF-CON 4 - " OMG, The Battle For The Future Of The World Has Begun" (1985)

 DEF-CON, DEF JAM, or DEF Fluid? You tell me what's relevant and what's not! 

 I knew nothing about the movie "DEFCON - 4" until just a few hours ago, and after I finish writing this, I probably won't remember most of it! So I don't know where to put the dash, the poster has it as "Def-Con 4"and the title card has it "Defcon-4", so I think I'm just going to go with "Condição De Defesa!" That simplifies things a lot!

 This is the kind of movie that makes you think, just what in the Hell were they thinking anyway? 

The clock is ticking!

From the title, I  thought "DEF-CON 4" was a 1985 space opera, and it does start out that way, but in no time at all after the nuclear bomb toting vessel comes down after a series of nuclear bombs have gone off, it turns into a tale of nuclear holocaustic society governed by a 1980's pretty boy punk, and a bunch of dolts! 

The Captain on the right who because of his hair and rank, you assumed was the hero, gets killed off in the first 15 minutes or so!

Finding good transportation at the end of the world is going to be difficult!

Now this is a great looking shot, but is it worth two million is the question?

1985 film formula, lots of juxtaposition between gross and incredibly stupid! This scene truly stinks!

This is the leader of the new world! The casting director should have been castigated because this film just might be the biggest waste of almost two million Canadian dollars ever! 

Public hangings are always a nice touch!!

 The Supreme Being Boss Boy has a cool 1985 cassette player, and as cool as he ain't, I'm sure he's listening to a C-60 by Lord Litter, or Don Campau, or any number of other amazing 80's indie talents!

Kind of pretty in an odd sort of way!

No Shit! Everything has been blown to smithereens! Don't you feel a whole lot better now? Let's just hope these clowns got it wrong!


Dr. Theda said...

We remember the "Poster" for this one... Great Sci-fi Art... Have a Great weekend Guys...!!!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Doc! You too!!

Lacey said...

THis was one of those "Friday night on Showtime" movies we all watched because, well it was Friday night and you watched these sort of films.
Regan was President and all of Hollywood thought the world was going to end tomorrow. Sound familiar? Maybe they will "remake" this classic.

Anonymous said...

Saw this film once many years ago...not bad but the one thing that stuck with me the most was the music score. I had the LP at one time. One sad note is that one of the main actors, Tim Choate, died pretty young in a motorcycle accident.

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