Saturday, August 19, 2017

COMIN' ROUND THE MOUNTAIN - Abbott and Costello with Dorothy Shay (1951)

"Wish I got a dollar every time you made me holler!"
That being said, welcome to yet another Saturday Night Special from the Boom Boom Room comedy club wing of The Dungeon!
Tonight we've got Abbott and Costello in "Comin' Round The Mountain," one of their non-monster, but every bit Universal films!

This go round the boys are joined by Dorothy Shay, in a hillbilly musical! Here's a link to one of the songs called.........

 You'd think the talent at Club Blue Cheese would stink, but it doesn't!

Bud and Lou also have an act in the club that is less than spectacular! Lou is "The Great Wilbert!"

There's a mouse in the house, and these three tough guys show their true grit!

Lou finds out that he's a long lost relative to one Squeezebox McCoy, and he might just be the one who inherits all of Squeezebox's treasure and gold!

Ida (The Soul Of A Monster) Moore is Granny McCoy, a woman of many secrets!

When Glenn Strange wasn't busy in cowboy roles, he found time to be the Frankenstein monster in films like "House Of Frankenstein," "House Of Dracula," and "Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein!" Here he's Devil Dan Winfield!

Look in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane.........

Them hillbilly sleepin' quarters are tight, and they still tried to cram one more guy in there too!

This is a still of a still!

Just in case you forgot this was a Universal film, Bud and Lou go out lookin' for a love potion!!

"Comin' Round The Mountain" was just a pit stop between "The Wizard Of Oz" and  "13 Ghosts" for Margaret Hamilton!!

 Margaret is Aunt Huddy, a witch and a mistress of hoodoo voodoo!

Aunt Huddy and Lou take turns sticking pins in each other's voodoo dolls!!

When they finally find the gold, it turns out that the guvment also has their eye on it, since what they've done is essentially broken into Fort Knox! Good thing it's a movie or next stop for Bud and Lou would be the big house!!


Anonymous said...

An A & C movie I've missed? Perish the thought! However, it's more easily understood since I was mostly a Three Stooges fan (Shemp in particular!).

EEGAH!! said...

I'm a big fan of both! I was recently surprised when my buddy Lord Litter in Berlin told me that The Three Stooges were basically an unknown commodity in Germany, but as I thought about it, I understood since the Three Stooges we all love here were made in the 40's when it was a different world in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Very true.

Even though I loved the Stooges when I was a tyke and watched them every day on the local afternoon kiddie variety show, when I had the chance to see them in person, I stepped inside the auditorium, saw them, and promptly freaked out, and begged my dad to get me out of there! Why? Because I was terrified Moe would see me, jump down off the stage, and without hesitation poke me in the eyes! One of my earliest childhood memories of sheer terror!

As long as they were only on the TV, I was safe and had a ball watching them each afternoon! I'd already had my eyes poked by the kindergarten class bully!"

The only strong A & C memories I have are from their TV series, with Joe Besser playing "Stinky" and squealing like a little girl, "Stop! Not so haaaaard! Cut that ouuuut! You're hurting meeeee!"

EEGAH!! said...

Wow! As old as I am, I never actually thought about seeing the three stooges in person, my Mom took me to "Queen For A Day!" That was a spot on Joe Besser impersonation by the way!

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