Friday, August 25, 2017

HUNDRA / Continental Movie Productions - 1983

Here's a story about Hundra, a girl born into a tribe of fierce warrior women, she has been raised to despise the influence of men! She's an archer, warrior and sword fighter, and is superior to any male. She finds her family slain and takes a vow of revenge... Filmed in Spain.

The movie stars Laurene Landon as Hundra, a tall, leggy, well-built statuesque blonde actress, often portraying tough, two-fisted, no-nonsense action heroines! A few other films she was in are ROLLER BOOGIE, FULL MOON HIGH, THE STUFF, MANIAC COP, WICKED STEPMOTHER and FUTURE PUNKS (and, was born on my birthday!).

As Hundra roams the countryside, she encounters a band of mean dudes on horseback and ends up taking them all out with her awesome warrior skills!

She ends up in a city where she's accosted by a drunk, horny, rude dude. He forces her to take a big drink of booze to get her ready for the fun he has planned.

When she fights off his gross advances, he grabs a whip and uses it on her...

But, she has a big surprise for him, she grabs him where it hurts and ends up putting him out of commission while she escapes his clutches!

Meanwhile, the city's ruler's being entertained by slave girls having their cloths raised by a creep, exposing their private stuff!

This flick is all about going for the nuts! The reason is, well, it works like a charm when fighting off men, and, she teaches all the girls this very effective little trick!

Back at the ranch, the evil ruler has some special games in mind for Hundra...

She gets to fight off all these horny bastards, and, fight she does! The blood starts to flow!!

Then, this crazy knucklehead puts her in a choke hold, but, not for long. She flips him off the stage onto his aching back and kicks him in the nuts for good measure!!

All the slave girls celebrate Hundra's victory over the men, and. I'm attracted to girl #2...

Everything turns out swell. There are actually a few men that aren't chauvinistic pigs and Hundra heads off for another adventure. Hey, tune in again tomorrow when Eegah!! will haunt this space!!

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TC said...

IIRC, Laurene also played a pro wrestler in All the Marbles, and Velda in the 1980's version of I the Jury.

I wish Hundra (or Yellowhair and the Fortress of Gold) had been the start of a long series.

There is talk of Atomic Blonde becoming a series, but Laurene, Cynthia Rothrock, Sandahl Bergman, and Sybil Danning did it all first.

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