Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ZOMBI 3 - Lucio Fulci (1988)

Tonight I got zombies for you, lots and lots of zombies!! Not one, not two, but three! Zombies can be a real pain in the ass, and that's what this Lucio Fulci flick is all about! It was released in Denmark as "Zombie: Hell On Earth!" "Zombi 3" was shot in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines," so for those of you who don't speak Spanish, that translates into "The Bathrooms!" There's also a Los Baños in central California, it's not really that far from Manteca (Lard)!

This one goes out to Dr. T., let's all hope he's doing all right!

So let's just get this straight! "Zombi 3" is actually Fulci's second zombie movie because his first zombie movie retitled "Zombie" was originally titled "Zombi 2" even though there was never a "Zombi 1."

It's a story about science versus the military, but there's always a woman in the middle!

Not really, this is actually a movie about zombies, lots of zombies.......

.......blood-thirsty, flesh-eating zombies!

And even more zombies! Freakin' zombies everywhere!!

And when you've had enough zombies, just go on ahead and scream!!

Because there's more zombies right around the corner!
The bastards are everywhere!

A very good way to  rid yourself of a zombie is to turn it into a flaming fajita!

Or you could try this method if you want to have a little more hands on approach, cause everybody knows, there's more than one way to skewer and grill a zombie!

Zombies are everywhere, so don't go this way!

This reminds me of a Disney cartoon that's way far out of place!

You might end up staying longer than you expected!

There's just no escaping these zombie sons of bitches! They are literally everywhere!

They even have gnarly zombie feet!, and as you will find out in the end, it's possible for these zombies to even talk!

At this point you just have two choices, give in to the zombies, or.....

 .......................Set 'em all on fire and send their dead asses back to Hell where they belong!
They call it the art of incineration!
Speaking of art, if you want to really know about what was happening in the 80's, then go check out Lord Litter's Radio On Show! It's a real zombie burner!

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