Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GRIMM - Pilot Episode - "Not Your Usual Suspects" (2011)

  Here's an interesting show I missed the first time around! Good thing I've got friends in high places like Lord Litter to keep me better informed! If you like good music, do yourself a favor and go check out his Magic Music Box! In the meantime, welcome to another Wild Wednesday down in The Dungeon!

 Now that I'm flailing around in a morass of despair, I found out that I can watch 5 seasons of "Grimm" for nothing with my Amazon Prime account! Guess that should keep me busy for a while, like I ain't got nothing better to do!

 If you guessed this was Little Red Riding Hood, then you guessed right! You can bet there's going to be lots of fairy tale mind games going on!

 Sure is a lot prettier looking down on it than it is being in all that soup!

 There are a lot of Lycanthropic people out there, just like all those cannibals, and other secret societies that we don't know about!

Thank goodness we have Grimm (Nick Burkhardt), Davis Giuntoli, a cop with an amazing ability to see the real evil in people!

 I haven't watched real time TV in years much except for "Breaking Bad,"The Walking Dead," "Twin Peaks" and an occasional boxing match, so forgive my ignorance on the existence of this show! Looks like I've missed out on some good shit, so pass it on over to me!

 Rule number one: Don't piss off the guy who looks like a monster in the ancient book if he's really trying to maintain!

 I call this painting "Volkswagen Bus Crossing The River At Midnight!"

 Pretty shocking what an insulated world I live in! In the six years that "Grimm" has been on TV all over the world, not a single person has ever spoke to me about it! Never! Not Once! Nada, Nichts!

 Maybe they're just all too scared of the truth!

 It looks like something from a fairy tale, but it's really a nightmare destination!

 Big time nerd freak-o-zoid!

 When you're this big of an A-hole, just getting killed isn't that bad, because he deserved a lot worse!

Not just The End, this is the
Dead End!! There's no turning back or re-winding from here!
The future is now!!!!

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R. Claude said...

I watched the first season of "Grimm" on Netflix. A funny serial.

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